2 Major Types of E Cigarettes

There is hardly anyone these days who is not aware of the e cigarettes. These smokeless, tar-less and odorless cigarettes have piqued the interest level of many smokers ever since they were invented a couple of years ago. For those who don’t know the wide amount of benefits these cigarettes have to offer, they are in for a huge surprise. Not only are the e cigarettes promoted highly by the worldwide health organizations but they are also promoted by eco-friendly organizations due to the fact that they do not harm the external environment. These cigarettes do not harm the human body as well, which is the most prominent reason behind its recent and immediate success all across the globe.

Basically, the electronic cigarettes have two main types which are known as ‘disposable e cigs’ and ‘refillable e cigs’. Both of these types are unique in their own way and can be used by smokers who are planning or already have switched to smoking e cigarettes for good. Disposable electronic cigarettes are as popular as the refillable ones; however, the main difference between these two is that the disposable one is to be disposed after smoking for a couple of days, whereas the refillable ones can be refilled again in order to keep smoking for a longer period of time.

Disposable E Cigs

The disposable e cigarettes contain a certain number of puffs which need to be puffed by the users. Once the puffs finish, there is no way for people to refill or recharge them somehow. This is why they are known as ‘disposable’ since they are to be disposed after a little of smoking. These kinds of e cigs are mostly cheaper than the refillable ones since they finish up quickly and are mostly targeted at people who are always ‘on the go’ and do not have time to sit at home and refill or recharge their e cigs.

Refillable or Rechargeable E Cigs

On the other hand, the refillable e cigarettes are rather different from the disposable ones. These can be refilled as well as recharged since they arrive with special starter kits which have different accessories that are essential. Most refillable e cigs arrive with special “eLiquid” bottles which carry the liquid that needs to be injected into the e cigs for the purpose of smoking these cigarettes again and again. This type of electronic cigarettes is different because it can be charged from the special USBs chargers which are made for them. Because they last way more long than the disposable ones, the refillable or rechargeable electronic cigarettes are much more costly in comparison.


However, both of these e cigarettes are much cheaper in comparison with the traditional cigarettes, which are not at all budget friendly. Whether smokers decide to use disposable or rechargeable electronic cigarettes, in both cases the benefits will be the same. The e cigs tend to help smokers in quitting smoking by being a better alternative in terms of safety of personal health and the overall surroundings in the long run.


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