3 main reasons to move to electronic cigarettes

Smoking tobacco cigarettes has been established as a consented means of self-destruction by official authorities and research centers. For this purpose, these authorities have ensured that individuals under 18 years of age are prohibited to purchase cigarettes from general stores. Authorities have also directed manufacturers of tobacco cigarettes to clearly state the risk involved in smoking these cigarettes on the box itself. The message is a standard rule followed by all tobacco cigarettes manufacturers and states that smoking is injurious to health and causes lung cancer. Various studies have suggested heavy smokers to move to Vapor King electronic cigarettes which help them to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. Vapor King electronic cigarettes are devices which do not include any tobacco traces. They contain nicotine liquid which is vaporized for smokers to inhale. These devices are comparatively safe for smokers of all ages to use and are powered by artificial means instead of a flame which directly affects the lungs of the smoker. The three main reasons for smokers to move to electronic cigarettes are stated below:


  1. Health factors


Tobacco cigarettes do not only contain tobacco but also harmful substances such as tar and carbon monoxide which are the main reasons causing damaging infections to vital organs such as the lungs, liver, etc. These cigarettes also cause minor infections as well which are mainly related to the mouth or tongue. The treatment of such major or minor issues caused by tobacco cigarettes are available however, consist of a lengthy and cumbersome procedure which affects the overall health of the smoker. Vapor King electronic cigarettes have been suggested by worldwide doctors to heavy smokers since studies have shown success of quitting tobacco smoking by many individuals who were not able to do so otherwise.


  1. Convenient smoking


Tobacco cigarettes release burnt tobacco smoke which is injurious for the health of bystanders. This is why tobacco cigarettes are not generally allowed to be smoked indoors especially at public places such as malls, convenient stores, hospitals, schools, offices, etc. Vapor King electronic cigarettes on the other hand, do not release any form of smoke. Instead they only release safe vapors created by the liquid nicotine inside the electronic cigarette. Hence, these Vapor King cigarettes are safe for bystanders and are also allowed to be used indoors. They are treated like how any other device is treated.


  1. Cost effective


Tobacco cigarettes come in a pack of 20 in general and are burnt out on individual use. Hence, heavy smokers utilize one pack in two to three days on an average which is a large amount to spend weekly on a pack of cigarettes. A Vapor King electronic cigarette is a one time investment. A person can purchase just the electronic cigarette with the liquid nicotine or can also purchase a starter kit which consists of all the necessary items required for a person to use these devices. These devices have proven to be highly cost effective as compared to tobacco cigarettes in addition to their risk-free nature in terms of health and well-being.


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