3 Reasons why E-Cigarettes have been questioned on health and safety

The owners of E-Cigarette manufacturing and distributing companies were simply unaware of the massive outreach and hit that the product would make. Though anticipated sales were estimated to be realistic and decent, but with the contribution of extensive marketing, free sampling and excellent social media outreach the sales tripled the amount and bombed the market statistics. The image seems flowery and great, but with the FDA’s sword of slashing down availability and deeming it to be unfit for health and distribution still hangs over the manufacturers. Despite of all the research, sales, point of views created that e-cig is the best and safest alternative to conventional smoking, here is why the product is still under strict vigilance and chances are high that it may come safely and hopefully the FDA will approve of it-


1) Nightlife addiction-


Through sales reports of several e-cig companies it became evident that the tremendous hike in sales has led to great smoke ups in pubs, bars and clubs. The e cigarette is used for alternative drug smoke ups which is hazardous for health. Though e-cig in itself is a safe, odorless and clean product as liquid nicotine is vaped, but the added usages of the product are alarming for the authorities. There is no report generated as yet that would validate the safety of the users and ensure that it does not have contradictory effects on the health of its users. Thus, the sales of the e-cigarettes are being closely monitored and all eyes are set on authorities to speak out and spread the word of safety or hazard soon before the consumption increases to another level.


2) Overviewing FDA authority-


The FDA has rights to issue for and against smoking of conventional cigarettes, but as yet there is no law that makes related products and items justifiable under the scrutiny of FDA. This is the sole reason why e-cig is still hovering in the grey area. If there were clear grounds present on FDA’s authority over the product the results of whether it is safe in terms of health or not would be issued way earlier and advertising, production and distribution agencies would not be wondering if investment done is black or white. Through reports, it has been evaluated that FDA is under the process of speaking and clearing grounds with the government if the related product comes under the agency’s umbrella or not, the decision would be followed with the consequent announcement soon.


3) Child usage and addiction-


E-cig is basically an electronic rechargeable pipe that can have different flavors of liquid nicotine attached. The users are said to be safe from cancer, odor in breathe and many other factors that are associated with smoking conventional cigarettes. With abundant advertisement and word out of the harmless use of e-cig many children, under the age of 18 are seen vaping ecigs. It is alarming as the fashion statement may turn to conventional cigarettes anytime, or if the FDA announces controversial results of using e cigarettes then the health of these children are subject to deterioration. However, until now there are no such cases of child health diseases caused by vaping.


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