3 stylish designs of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes such as Amerismoke have triggered many fashion oriented people who like to incorporate new styles in everything they own. These electronic devices are safe and healthy to use which is why many people have diverted their attention to such cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes have not been produced keeping in mind different styles or designs. They are available in standard sizes and appearances. Typically, tobacco cigarettes have a white wrap with a colored bud. Companies manufacturing tobacco cigarettes may also incorporate their logos or names on the cigarettes but no further steps have been taken to alter the look and feel of the cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes such as Amerismoke, on the other hand, are devices that are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. Users of electronic cigarettes can select a design from the existing range of Amerismoke or can also have their electronic cigarettes customized as per their tastes and preferences. With more and more smokers moving to electronic cigarettes everyday, manufacturers such as Amerismoke consistently find more ways to present stylish devices. Some of the top favorites are the following:


Golden metallic electronic cigarette

With its stylish and classic design, golden metallic bodied electronic cigarettes have been sold the most worldwide. These devices have a shiny body where a person can also have his or her initials or name engraved. The golden metallic e-cigarette is a long lasting device and can be used casually and formally as well. For example, a golden metallic e-cigarette is common amongst businessmen who attend official meetings and prefer carrying this design along with them. The golden metallic electronic cigarette is also very famous amongst people who prefer carrying elegant accessories such as fashionable ladies with a high-profile or old-aged people who have moved to electronic cigarettes from the tobacco ones.


Black matt finish electronic cigarette

Matt finished electronic cigarettes are easy to handle since the grip on such devices is strong. Black matt finish electronic cigarettes are provided by big manufacturers of electronic cigarettes including Amerismoke. Although this type of design is common amongst electronic cigarette users, they have been amongst the top ranked designs bought. These electronic cigarettes look very different from the typically designed devices and can be used generally by smokers instead of stashing it away for one-off occasions. There are other colors available from Amerismoke electronic cigarettes as well such as red, white, blue, etc.


Printed electronic cigarettes

These electronic cigarettes usually fall under the category of customized electronic cigarettes where easy one varies in design. Printed electronic cigarettes usually have a drawing or an image printed on it and is available in multi-colors. Some users prefer abstract designs and some prefer one standard design on it such as straight lines, skulls, hearts or swirls. People who like owning printed cigarettes usually buy more than one design so that they can change their device as and when required. These are very common amongst girls who like smoking electronic cigarettes since they consider printed devices trendy.


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