4 Factors that show E-cigarettes do not target children

Many thrashing articles, newsfeeds, press releases and blog posts are seen online where e-cig usage is seen as a crime that is yet to be announced by the authorities. One of the many claims of illegal activity on e cigarette manufacturers is that of targeting children in advertisements and increasing the rate of vaping in children. The backup fact for this is usually given in terms of the different flavors such as strawberry, milkshake, mint, vanilla and chocolate flavors that are advertised by the manufacturers. Understanding the difference between targeting a specific audience or simply given benefits to users is important to avoid confusion. Here are reasons that justify that e-cig manufacturers do not have any intentional plan behind the advertisements-


1) No age limit is set on purchase of e cigarette-


As an electronic cigarette is not yet claimed to produce any health hazards to its users, there is no age limit that specifies that only people greater of that age would be able to vape. This is the part of action that has to be taken by the government and regulatory authorities, not the e-cig manufacturers. Regardless of the flavors present with the electronic cigarette, when no restriction has been posed as yet then blaming manufacturers for its increased use by the lot is simply baseless.


2) Adults are seen preferring flavors-


Through research statistics show that it is not only children below 18 that prefer flavors in e-cig, the adult lot of above 18 also enjoys variety in flavors. That is the reason why smoking pot, chewing gums, coffee and many other adult related food and beverages are also present in multiple flavors with time. The back up that many people are seen using for targeting children in advertisements is wrong, since many coffee commercials are also seen daunting flavors such as french vanilla to target the adult audiences.


3) No demographics are targeted or specified in ad storyboards-


If a brief lookout on all e-cig websites is made to clarify or bring up an idea of what target marketing is being followed, surprisingly no particular demographic would be seen outlined. Since the product as yet is not reported to generate any health problems, the pipe is available for the young, old and aged. The pleasure of vaping a harmless flavor is above all contradictions that people are posing. Nor does e-cig advertising portray a macho or business oriented woman outlook like most conventional cigarette advertisements do. The ads of vaping devices are clean and straight forward usually designed with features or sales promotion taglines.


4) Public smoking or endorsement is not banned-


Unlike other conventional cigarettes, the marketing of e-cig does not target a specific audience as mentioned earlier. The authorities have not banned the use of electronic cigarettes in most public places and many celebrities are seen posing with the electronic pipes out of any promotional element. This factor alone is reason enough for the young to get inspired and initiate vaping before reaching the age of 18.


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