4 interesting facts about E-cigarettes

Speaking of E-cigarettes, it is has created quite a buzz that many conventional cigarette companies are not so fond of. And the reason behind not being too friendly with the product is obvious, who enjoys competition that is tough enough to slice down chunks of loyal target audience. For those who are still unaware of the hyped up e-cig or vaping pipe that is a safe and healthy alternative to smoking, here are a few facts about it that would clarify what the story of e-cigarettes is all about-


1) Same as cigarettes, only one major difference-


Electronic cigarettes look almost the same as the conventional ones, there is hardly any difference that one seeing from a few feets distance can foretell. However, when the electronic cigarette is opened, the main differentiating factor becomes evident. Conventional cigarettes have tobacco, whereas e-cig does not have any tobacco in it. This is the main reason why it is repeatedly boosted for its safety and health friendly usage. Where smokers are faced with heart diseases, cancers of several types, addiction problems and a whole list of health related issues that prevail due to smoking tobacco, e cigarette users are safe and away from it.


2) Smoke that generates is harmless-


It is said more than once by different e-cig manufacturers that the smoke which comes out of it is completely harmless. This is the reason why many public places that ban the use of cigarettes do not pose any reservations towards vaping e-cig openly. The place where tobacco is present in a conventional cigarette, is replaced with a pipe that is filled with liquid nicotine. The e cigarette heats it and makes a vape that is inhaled and exhaled by its users. The factor that it is allowed in public places also poses the possibility that there are no harmful second hand smoking effects of e cigarettes.


3) Expensive when compared to alternative-


The E-cig is expensive when compared to the conventional cigarette. One reason that is evident enough for people to guess is that conventional cigs are disposable hence the price is low. E cigarettes go a long way depending on maintenance and usage. There is no doubt that the expensive factor is well justified by its manufacturers, as the lot claims health security along with greater number of puffs when compared to conventional smokes. It is a good gift item as well as there is customization present in design, prices, flavors and usage.


4) Not stamped as safe by FDA-


The FDA has not given a green signal to e-cig as yet. It is still sold, distributed and promoted on a wide scale across the globe. Claims such as safe second hand smoke, no controversial effects on health and simply no chances of being addicted are still questioned by authorities. The people who buy, sell and promote the product must ensure that if the FDA gives the word against the product, operations would suffer hugely. However, the amount of sales that a couple of years old manufacturers have achieved so far have covered up all investment and given extra heaps of profits already.


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