4 similarities between smoking pot and e-cigarettes

Many states in the US and some other European countries have legalized the use of marijuana for either recreational purpose or medicinal use. This may be surprising as many know that though it has been legalized for a good cause, users or dopers who are addicts would slip through illegal paths and lay hands to for the bad cause only. With the advent of this regulation, much speculation on E-cigarettes have also stirred in the recent times, as it is not federally regulated yet many see the product as just a disguise of smoking pot. Ironically, people have been seeing questioning if the the next upcoming news is related to legalizing smoking pot like e-cig is seen as legit for public use or not. Here is why people are forming these notions and what are the similarities between the two-


1) Adverse effects on health-


Smoking pot is considered to be quite a lot of times dangerous than smoking cigarettes. It contains even more toxic and harmful chemicals that arouse severe consequences in males and females differently. It is very disturbing to see that smoking pot has become too common. Similarly, vaping e-cig with the connotation that it is a safe alternative to smoking due to the absence of tobacco people are seen questioning that is only tobacco the root cause of addiction. Whether nicotine has a role to play with addiction or negative health effects or not. If the electronic pipe is not federally regulated yet being sold at such large volumes then is it the pathway of legalizing smoking pot next in line.


2) Vaping characteristic in both-


May it be a smoking pot or an e-cig, both have the same functional characteristic. That is smoking vapour which is done by heating the liquid nicotine. In electronic cigarettes there is a battery operated device which heats the liquid nicotine in smoke that can be vaped, whereas with smoking pot largely charcoal is used to heat the liquid in the pot that it then inhaled and exhaled through the help of a longer pipe. The basic function of both resemble with each other, this similarity arouses skeptical questions in people.


3) Flavours available in smoking through both forms-


The e-cig has many different flavors available in the market for its vaporers, namely strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, blueberry etc and the same goes for smoking pot. There are several flavors, and usually the same names, available when ordering a smoking pot. This little factor of having flavored liquid that can be vaped also rings a bell of a similarity between the two smoking gadgets, leaving people wondering if it is essentially the same thing that is being used the only difference being a visual device where one has a long pipe and pot and the other is comfortable, easy to carry around and use cigarette looking stick.


4) No importance attached to second hand smoking-

May it be smoking pot or e-cig, just as conventional smoking is boosted time and again for not being done publicly and banned at several places due to second hand smoking damages, this is not the case for the prior two smoking devices mentioned. What makes it safe to smoke in public, do both the smoking pot and e-cig have no adverse health effects on second hand smokers? This question has to be answered along with several others by the FDA. The similarity with smoking pot and electronic cigarette at this level also pinches many eager to find out audiences.


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