4 tips on how to choose the best e-cigarette

From the many e cigarette brands that are available online and in the retail markets, it becomes difficult to choose the best e-cig that can justify the price as well. There are a few quality indicators that specify the performance of the e cigarette along with its durability. Apart from the sturdy make and manufacturing country, there are other factors that contribute to the effectiveness and experience of vaping. Instead of spending some good amount of dollars on an unreliable brand or product, it is wise to first identify performance indicators of e-cig and then measure which one would be the best choice to make. Here are a few factors that contribute to buying decision made by e-cigarette consumers-


1) Make of the e-cigarette and its location-


E-cigs are being manufactured in several countries, some of the companies outsource its manufacturing department in order to gain economies of scale and get the production done in cheaper cost. However, the quality assurance of these cannot be certified as it often subsides to sub standard raw materials and faulty or un durable products. So far, e-cig brands that are manufactured in the US are considered to be the highest in quality and performance. Thus, choosing e cigarettes made in the USA is a better option than any other make of the e cigarette.


2) Free of cost added accessories-


The added accessories and free of cost materials with e-cig kits also determine the value that is received against the price paid. Many companies send complementary flavors or extra battery packs or even extra cases on buying kits or a value deal. These prove to be price friendly, even if a little higher price has to be paid, in comparison when all the complementary products are bought singularly on full price it proves to be even more expensive and pricier. Hence, buying value deals in kit form is a better alternative.


3) Low maintenance and easy cleaning-


There are several types of e-cig designs, the product demands specific cleaning for longer use and durability. When buying the product one must see the steps of its timely maintenance to ensure how to keep the e-cig clean and long lasting in use. Those e-cigs that are easily cleaned and maintained are better off to keep up with rather than the other designs. People tend act lazy and do not maintain or clean the difficult cleaning cigs and the result is quickly spoiling e-cigs.


4) Less battery recharge time and greater number of puffs-


It is a hassle to keep charging time and again. One should look at the battery life as to how long it would go without charging and then see the time that goes into charging the e-cig. The number of puffs that an e-cigarette generates depends on the battery quality. Therefore, these are important factors that must be considered before making the decision which brand of e-cigarette to buy. There are companies that come with money back guarantee, if the e-cigarette fails to give the number of puffs stated and the battery time then it must be returned and another brand chosen.


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