5 reasons why E-cigarettes ranking have gone up

The only thought that one is smoking is simply enough to feel rough and guilty that health is probably not coming first and this may have severe consequences in the future. This is basically stereotyping, that has been identified by several people who have successfully broken free from it and chosen E-cig over conventional cigarettes without any guilt trips. Research suggests that in only a years time span the usage of e-cigarettes has almost tripled, not even doubled. What makes the battery re-chargeable stick so popular that there is simply no end to its growth and majority of the companies may it be the manufacturers or competition, are startled by the response it has received from the consumer end. Let’s fish through the reasons, here’s a compilation of top 5 reasons that have been collected on the basis of majority number of answers received by users-


1) Pleasant aura and no disgusting smell-


E-cig usage has a aura, probably due to the aromatic smell of the flavored nicotine in it, but inhaling through the cig and feeling scenty and pleasant is more of style statement that make people opt for this. It is not disgusting as the smell of tobacco sticks to hands or ashes are falling wherever the smoker is thinking it smoke. This hygiene friendly and extremely good smelling product brings no bad breath or smell on clothes as it happens with conventional cigarettes.


2) Variety of flavors-


Those who tend to get easily bored by one flavor and need more variety to keep hooked on to stuff, e-cig is a blessing in disguise. There are so many flavors available that making vaping an experience different whenever a different nicotine liquid is filled in it. Also, it is fun to experiment with different flavors and recommend friends with the best one.


3) No stay out boards-


Just like certain places have a board outside that says pets cannot be taken in, there are places that signal no smoking can be done. Interestingly these places do not condemn using e-cig as it does not pose risks of secondhand smoking and does not have tobacco in it. Wherever one is lounging, easily an e-cigarette can be taken out and vaped without causing inconvenience to others or feeling the need to step out of the comfort zone.


4) One time investment-


Conventional cigarettes have to be bought time and again when the packs finish. E-cig on the contrary do not have any of these issues, though it is expensive when compared to conventional cigarettes but when seen collectively it gives greater number of puffs without buying packs time and again. It is easy to maintain and clean, so it works for longer periods.

5) Stylish designs and colors-


Girls and women love using e-cig as there is a huge variety of design, colors and range in the product. It becomes a style statement or accessory on its own. There are so many celebrities found switching to e cigarettes due to this reason, and fans simply follow what role models do. So one of the reasons why e-cig popularity has grown is this as well.


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