5 Things that Make E Cigarettes Better

It is said that one cigarette reduces eleven minutes of a person’s life. All those who smoke know the effects that it has but somehow they can’t quit the habit. E cigarettes are the new and easy way to quit the habit that is making people smoke their lungs off. If a picture of a non smoker’s lung is compared to those of a smoker, the difference is quite visible as the lungs of a smoker turn black in color. It is not only the color that is affected; it is the whole way the body works that is damaged. Therefore, the first reason to switch to e cigarettes is that they make one quit the habit ultimately.
E cigarettes look just like actual cigarettes. The difference is that there is nothing burning. Nicotine vapor produces smoke when it comes in contact with heat. They can be used anywhere as they don’t bring harm to the person standing next to the person who is smoking. E cigarettes produce smoke when one exhales and inhales but the smoke doesn’t have any smell and is not harmful in any way. There is no need to use anything to light an e cigarette as they work with charged batteries. The battery used is rechargeable and can be used over and over again. This also makes the e cigarette less expensive. One does not have to spend on buying a new pack over and over again.
E cigarettes also come with a marked amount of nicotine. One can buy an e cigarette according to their requirement. They come in different levels according to the needs of the customers. There are some people who don’t want to take in nicotine but just want to a have a sensory experience. They are available for these people too. The only difference would be that the e cigarette will be free of nicotine or will have a very small amount in it and it will stimulate the act of smoking an actual cigarette. Research has also shown that e cigarettes are environment friendly. They do not harm anyone who is inhaling the smoke. People using them are free to smoke anywhere they want to as they are not harming or damaging the environment by any means.
Research has also proven that people who smoke tend to have sleepless nights. Smoking can take away the pleasure of having a good sleep at night and waking up all fresh in the morning. E cigarettes have proven to be a cure for this problem in most of the cases. People who smoke don’t need to take sleeping pills anymore. All they need to do is to switch to e cigarettes and they will see improvement in their sleeping habits. There have been a lot of cases where people who started using e cigarettes were able to sleep properly as compared to when they used to smoke real cigarettes. E cigarettes change the life style of people and give them their healthy life back.


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