Advantages and disadvantages of e cigar

Electric cigars have created much hype since they were manufactured as a retail product in 2007. There is a heating debate over whether they are safe medicinal products or disguised as so. Many studies conducted on the e cigar showed that its advantages and side effects go side by side and with emerging research and findings one cannot obtain a biased perspective regarding this product.


As a nicotine replacement for tobacco:

Over the years, nicotine patches and gums have been used to cure the nicotine cessation with a tobacco free nicotine element.A study by BMA states that most people choose  to switch to  electronic cigars as they find it the closes to a real tobacco cigar; they find it unable to survive without any form of smoking element, which they can inhale due to their prolonged smoking habits. The e cigar is free of tar and cancer causing carcinogens, which saves users from long-term threats of throat, and lung cancer. A study of 50 smokers suggested that a brand of e cigars helped them to quit smoking more than nicotine patches and gums.

Heart diseases:

Tobacco smoking increasing the chances of heart smoke from 40 to 50 percent in men and women. Research claims that the smokers of the e cigar had less elevated heart beat compared to smokers of tobacco cigar and their nicotine levels were more stable in their blood thus they had less chances of stroke and blockage of artery in the future.


Passive smoking and environment:

E cigars are an environmental friendly product, as it produces no smoke therefore no gaseous substances are released in the air that pollutesthe environment. Moreover, as e cigar releases a harmless vapor instead of smoke it saves people from inhaling second hand smoke. Passive smokers of second hand smoke including infants, pregnant women that suffer due to long and short-term effects of smoking will no longer become silent victims.


CHEST in 2011 did a study on electronic cigars and asked people to smoke e cigs. After smoking for five minutes, they went through a detailed lung assessment in which it was foundthat there were significant pulmonary effects on the smokers of healthy people who had not been diagnosed with any smoking related disease. There was now more oxidative stress on their lungs and increase in airflow resistance. The researchers pointed out that this was a result of only five minutes spend in smoking the cigar however, a regular smoker would smoke multiple times a day  making him more vulnerable to such risks.

Moreover, the FDA claimed to have found toxic elements in the e cigar, which may be hazardous to human health. The FDA has been skeptical of legalizing the drug saying that the chemical compound found in the e liquid. Moreover, as manufacturers of e cigar are not bound to submit any clinical data and facts to the FDA there are concern that there may be hidden facts about its health hazards, whichare never reported to the authorities.


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