Advantages and disadvantages of e cigars

E cigars have benefited many by providing a safer alternative to cigarette. Many individuals’ especially young people have diverted from traditional to e cigar. It is estimated that from 2011 the consumption of electronic cigar among school goers has doubled. Perhaps because of their lack of side effects people are acquiring them more. Yet, the e cigarette being a new product is yet to be accepted by many consumers who use tobacco religiously .With a ban on tobacco smoking in many countries consumers are slowly but steadily moving towards the e cigar habit but before doing that one should have a clear idea on the various perspectives of scientists regarding e smoking.

Advantages of e cigarette:

E cigars are free of tobacco and tar, which are two deadly chemicals that lead in various respiratory and heart problems. Even the nicotine levels in the e liquid are said to be low and the nicotine is inhaled in the form of vapor rather than harmful smoke, which does not harm the body or the environment. It was found in an internet survey that 70 percent people benefited more from e smoking rather than nicotine patches and gums. The best feature of e cigars is that a person can choose the level of e cig they put in the cartridges and e liquid can be lessened day by day until the person has completely overcome nicotine addiction and therefore e cigar is an aid and a quit smoking technique. Afterwards, nicotine free e liquid cartridges can also be used when the person craves for the smoking sensation. Another advantage of e liquid is the tantalizing taste and the smell as e liquid comes with different flavors and scents to meet the dietary  needs of the consumers it come s with flavors such as chocolate, coffee, pine apple, apple, mango, cherry, lemon, watermelon, mint and off course tobacco. It is estimated that the cancer causing carcinogens in a traditional tobacco cigar are a thousand times more than an e cigars.


The biggest disadvantage of e cigars is that people will consume it more considering that it is entirely safe and the way that it is projected, it feels that it has no side effects but it could lead to more unmanaged nicotine consumption among people. Secondly, there is no clinical research to prove its safety. Manufacturing companies do not have to produce statistics of its safety, which makes many of its effects unknown. Moreover, the labeling and packages do not contain information and health hazard warning which makes one skeptical about its safety. According to the 2009 research by FDA (food and drug administration), the e cigar can contain toxic chemicals which are hazardous to the health and it is highly condemned by them. Similarly, organizations such as CHEST also believe that e smoking leads to excessive pulmonary stress on the heart and too much oxidative stress on the lungs and can lead to short breath, anxiety and various diseases associated with smoking.


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