All about Electronic Cigarettes

In the present times, smoking has become highly common and dangerous. It is best known for causing all kinds of cardiac and lung diseases which makes it responsible for around over a billion deaths during the 21st century. Electronic cigarettes were invented in 2004 and have since taken a great start by attracting a huge amount of smokers from all over the globe. They have been marketed as a safer alternative to smoking which has encouraged millions of people worldwide.
The electronic cigarettes contain a little replaceable cartridge which is filled with a tiny dose of nicotine along with flavored propylene glycol liquid and is powered by a rechargeable battery overall. After the smoker inhales the air, the flow is detected by an airflow sensor and the microprocessor activates the atomizer that injects small droplets of the entire liquid into fragrant air all the while vaporizing the whole liquid. Electronic cigarettes are very similar to the traditional cigarettes. However, they come in a lot of shapes, sizes and patterns. The best part is that the electronic cigarettes also have the feel of a traditional cigarette and this further helps in eliminating the psychological effect of smoking the real ones for the smokers.
Electronic cigarettes fulfill the nicotine needs of smokers without leaving them with dreadful diseases like cancer, which is generally caused by smoking traditional cigarettes. Another great benefit of these cigarettes is the fact that they are odorless. This is because of the fact that they are smokeless since only the vapors are produced. Vapors tend to disperse swiftly into the air and thus, leave no smell behind. Researchers have proved that smoking tends to dull human senses over a period of time. However, if people switch to the electronic cigarettes, they can regain their taste and enjoy all kinds of flavors which come with these cigarettes. These cigarettes do not contain any kind of chemicals which is what differentiates them from the cigarettes with tobacco. Electronic cigarettes contain no toxins and smokers will find themselves breathing adequately just after some days, after using this modern day life-saving device.
When it comes to quantity, these normally provide with around 150-200 vapor per cigarette. As shocking as it seems, it is true that a single e-cigarette is equal to a whole pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes. This fact has attracted many smokers from all parts of the world because these cigarettes are safe as well as economic and thus prove to be a good way to smoke for people who follow a tight budget.
Electronic cigarettes come in many natural flavors for the aid of people. These exquisite flavors include coffee, chocolate, orange, vanilla, water-melon, apple and cola mostly. Also, smokers do not have to worry about buying ashtrays or lighters since these cigarettes do not produce nor ash and neither flame. They are undoubtedly trendy as well as a healthier option and smokers can purchase a room full of them in the price of a regular pack of tobacco cigarettes.


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