Amerismoke Cigarettes are beneficial for health

Amerismoke is a brand of e-cigarettes. It is an electrical appliance and like all other electrical devices they have a specific functioning and method of use. Traditional tobacco cigarettes are powered by fire which burns the tobacco to produce the smoke that is inhaled, whereas amerismoke, like all other e- cigarettes is powered by electrical signals and produces vapors instead of smoke. Although, the components and design of each e cigarette varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and each amerismoke kit comes with a manual and method of use, most of its functions are that of a usual e-cigarette.


A cigarette is a rolled bundle of dried and fermentedtobacco that is smoked by igniting at the end so that it may be drawn into the mouth and exhaled. cigarettes are composed of three types of tobacco leaves, whose variations determine smoking and flavor characteristics.

Cigarette smoking can pose a noteworthy health risk depending on dosage, like other forms of tobacco usage. Risks are greater for those who inhale more when they smoke, smoke more cigarettes, or smoke them longer. In comparison, cigarette smokers are more likely to hit death caused by any of the tobacco related illnesses as compared to non smokers. This is where amerismoke comes into the equation. Like other e- cigarette kits, they are designed to stimulate the act of tobacco smoking, without tobacco being part of its actual composition.


The amerismoke cigarettes are powered by a lithium ion rechargeable battery that has an airflow sensor. The air flow sensor is that part which activates, and is triggered simply by drawing breath through the device battery at the end. When the amerismoke user inhales, the battery heats up and activate another device within the cigarette called the atomizer which atomizes the liquid solution. This is the reason why amerismokes are considered much less dangerous than actual cigarettes as this liquid does not contain any harmful components, and very little amount of nicotine is present in it. E- Liquid is present inside its cartridge which vaporizes the liquid and converts it into an aerosol mist. The process of atomizing produces vapors instead of smoke which is inhaled. Hence it is safer, and gives the same sensation that comes with smoking a real cigar.

Amerismokes are much more affordable as they cost 90 percent less than real cigarettes. They are also very reliable and the liquid used in their composition is of premium quality which is made in USA. Amerismoke cigarettes are also much more powerful as they run on lithium ion batteries that last longer than the usual period of smoking, which makes them more desirable.

Amerismoke cigarettes are environmental friendly as the vapors when exhaled produce a smoke like puff which is similar, but does not contain carbon monoxide like tobacco cigarettes. Also amerismoke cigarettes are smoked like real cigarettes and are much more successful compared to nicotine gums or other products that are used to safely replace the process of smoking.


Therefore we can conclude that in the e cigarette market Amerismoke is a notable and reliable brand which can be used as a nicotine replacement therapy or a harm reduction therapy and is much more effective alternative compared to other methods of quitting.

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