The Amerismoke Starter Kit

Amerismoke is a brand of e-cigarettes that has been manufactured and tested within the United States of America.


Many retailers and customers feel that the quality of the brand goes beyond the quality of its competitors. The brand has been successful in scaling the American market with completed Americanized products. The reason behind this is that the nicotine, to begin with, has been produced in American labs and has been tested by American experts. The assembling of the actual product is also done in the States, taking the brand’s quality to the very top. Amerismoke is the best choice for all e-smokers due to three main reasons:

  • The vapor production is excellent, top-quality and very reliable.
  • The cartridges that the brand produces are flavored. Customers are able to choose from a diverse variety of available flavors.
  • The components in the cigarette are of the very best quality.

The Starter Kit

Starter kits for e-cigs are usually for people who have just shifted to the use of electronic cigarettes recently. They are easier to habit and are user-friendly products. Amerismoke starter kits are known to be amongst the most trustworthy and convenient. The starter kit is available with one or two batteries. The kit with a single battery is cheaper and has only one rechargeable battery. The two-battery kit will include two rechargeable batteries.

The following tools are available in the Amerismoke starter kit:

  • A cartridge pack which includes five cartridges.
  • A USB charger.
  • A USB wall Charger/adapter.
  • One/two rechargeable batteries (according to the kit the customer has bought).
  • An e-cigarette designed in the classic cigarette style.
  • An e-cigarette designed in the compact style.

How to get started

The next thing that most users would want to know is how the Amerismoke starter kit is to be used. As mentioned above, the kit is fairly easy to use. First of all, one needs to charge their e-cig. Connect the USB charger with a power outlet and hook in the small, round batteries in the hole in the charger. Turn the switch on to start the e-cigs’ charge. Make sure that when the battery is being charged for the first time, it is only removed once the battery has fully charged. Once the first charge is done, batteries will only take an average of either one or two hours to charge.

After the charge, one needs to put the cartridge in to the atomizer and the atomizer in to the battery. If there is a rubber cap on place, it is there simply for extra protection. Remove that from the already full cartridge before inserting it. If the Amerismoke e-cig uses a push button method, users will need to press that button while inhaling. Otherwise, the e-cig will automatically detect when users inhale and will release the vapor at the time.

Notes to Remember

Remember that using e-cigarettes, although safer, takes a little getting used to. Many customers have shared that they only felt comfortable with their e-cigs after one to two months. People using automatic cigarettes may experience a little more difficulty since they may not be able to judge the amount of vapor being released whenever they inhale. The key is to remember that the investment in Amerismoke has been for a healthy lifestyle and it needs to be adopted at all costs.


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