An insight to electronic cigar

These days, cigar lovers have a better, safer and healthier smoking alternative known as electronic cigar. Sounds really simple and the name says it all, this type of cigar is free from all the fire hazards. In short, it is a non-inflammable atomizing accessory which has been adopted from latest micro-electronic technology. There is also other physics involved in it which general public does not even bother about. In the electronic cigar there is a liquid which flows through the container and contains a mixture of safer addictive which smells like real nicotine. There is no real tobacco in the container so one does not inhale any harmful substance. The user gets the feel of smoking the original cigar that he used to do previously.
Differentiation line between electronic cigars and old types:
The essential differences that must be known to all include;
The electronic cigar is free from all the malignant products and also tar substances. Both these types of products were previously causing great harm to human health and this quality was present in old cigars. One does not need to light up the fire so e cigars are safer. It does not disturb or irritates the people around with its smoke because it’s odorless. The biggest issue which was raised previously that one who smokes cigar affects other too seems vague now. Also, all the non smoking areas are now open for those smokers which carry electronic cigars with them, so one can experience freedom too. Previously, there was a strict legal restriction on use of cigars in non smoking areas.
Two basic types of electronic cigars;
The most popular types of e cigars include;
Disposable: these types of cigars contain all the standard qualities of electronic types. Further, when the battery gets dead, one needs to get another one while disposing the used. Also, the tip of this type of cigar lights up when one starts inhaling. The entire process works with vapors and they get disposed in the environment within seconds which does not hurt anyone. There are two standard sizes in this type of electronic cigar that is medium and large.
Rechargeable: once the battery goes down, one can put this type of electronic cigar back in its case and begin charging. It’s simple and works for a longer time period. It is the choice of many and especially those who travel frequently or attend parties more. It is indeed a great alternative to the smoking legacy.

Further, these are ideal to present to friends or in families, especially one is fond of fancy cigars. One can find the most stylish type of electronic cigar along with quality cases both physically and during virtual shopping. They are also available at affordable prices because many manufacturers are selling the same thing. So, one can spend time while gathering information about the best quality product, and then the purchase should be made. It is all about good smoking experience so evaluate all the inner mechanism well.


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