Analysis of e cigar

There is much debate about the hazards of using an e cigar but while research has been conducted and studies gathered users have come to realize that it has no health hazards at all. Yet, the e cigar remains a victim of many speculations and some health organizations are still doubtful about its legalization.

Affordability and Durability:

Many people argue that the e cigar is expensive but in real, it is a onetime investment, which can result to be cost effective in long-term use. The kit may cost nearly a 100 dollars but it is nothing compared to buying a several dollar worth of expensive cigars on a usual basis. After the kit is bought, one only has to pay for the cartridges, which are more economical and durable compared to buying tobacco cigarettes. Moreover, once a tobacco cigar is lit it has to be consumed immediately as the chemical components start to burn rapidly and the person ends up consuming more than desired or leaves the cigar after a few puffs, which is a waste of money and resources. However, the e cigar is reusable and once inserted the cartridge will last for several sessions until all of the e liquid is inhaled.


The British medical association clearly stated that for users who do not use nicotine patches and gums as nicotine replacement therapy, e cigar is the answer. Consumers are allowed to choose the amount of nicotine they insert in the patched allowing them to lessen the amount day by day until a person is no longer a victim of nicotine cessation. Afterwards, nicotine free cartridges can also be bought in various flavors such as cherry, melon, chocolate, tobacco and mint for those who are unable to leave the habit of using smoking elements. Moreover, the users who switched to the e cigar had their health improve drastically, with improved vision, healthierheartbeat, reduced coughing and respiratory problems they are leading healthier lives. The e cigar does not contain cancer-causing carcinogens that are found in the tobacco cigar which become the cause of lung and throat cancer after long-term use. The tobacco cigar damages the alveoli in the lungs leading to respiratory problems such as poor functioning of lungs and short breath. The damage to the environment through the smoke produced by tobacco cigar is also hazardous as the gaseous substances damage the environment while the e cigar does not produce any vapor rather it produces harmless vapor. Similarly, the smoke causes damage to passive smokers who become silent victims of the smoke produced by smokers, which damages their lungs and causes various respiratory diseases.

In 2009, the FDA found harmful constituents in the cartridges and cancer causing carcinogens in its e liquid. Moreover, being an electrical device it has the danger of having a short circuit and being burnt during charging or inhaling. In addition, some people believe that the companies are using the cover of being healthy nicotine reduction therapies while selling harmful chemical substances that further cultivate the nicotine desire.


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