Are E Cigarettes Really Threatening the Tobacco Industry?

An important question that arises in the minds of people now a day is that are E Cigarettes actually threatening the existence and business of tobacco companies or not. The answer to that is very subjective rather than simple and straight. There are facts advocating the stance of both sides so it is difficult to be judgmental in the matter. E Cigarettes have a lot of health benefits for a cigarette that are not present in a tobacco cigarette. The later kills while the former is known to save lives to some extent. Yet there is no sound proof that people would nullify their purchase of death due to this safer alternative.
The tobacco manufacturers very at a fortune for several decades with the immense use of cigarettes all over the world, and the use nothing but increased. Lucky for the producers and for doctors, people have been spending billions in order to smoke bad health each year. E Cigarettes have brought what can be called as a revolution in the field of cigarettes and smoking as there is less harm in smoking E Cigarettes rather than the traditional cigarette. There are estimated thousands of hazardous fumes and chemicals inhaled by the smoker while using a traditional cigarette. Some of them are filtered while many other make way to the lungs successfully.
Cheaper or expensive, the traditional cigarettes are being sold to people who are willing to pay a price for them. The cheaper ones are said to be more dangerous as they do not have a sound filtering system. The expensive ones however have good filters but if it causes death too, then what is the use? E Cigarettes on the contrary replicates all the other effects of a traditional cigarette but to kill the user. Although, here too it is warned that E Cigarettes are being manufactured with nicotine cartridges as well, so the consumer has to choose from the flavor and nicotine density.
Analysts believe that E Cigarettes have not quite yet captured a chunk of market that would worry the tobacco companies too much but they have made some surprising figures for sure. The evidence of that is that the tobacco cigarette manufacturers are already at the back foot. A company based in the United States that previously used to manufacture tobacco cigarettes, now manufactures E Cigarettes for the users as a side product. The reason for that as stated by that company is that one day this will be the larger market sharer when the awareness about it spreads global. But while they are earning millions each year from the new product anyways, there is no loss in it to continue. Market surveys however tell a little different story as people are still reluctant to use E Cigarettes as they say they are too expensive for them to buy and that the traditional tobacco has the “tradition” factor alive in it. What is hoped for is that they would realize the serious threats from the tradition and would eventually come towards the new and better alternative.

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