Are E cigarettes Safe Around Children?

E cigarettes are becoming ever more popular each day, but with popularity, responsibility is there as well. E cigarette manufacturers have broken into the market and they have threatened the position of tobacco cigarette manufacturers. Even though the marketing of E cigarettes has been done at a mass level by their manufacturers and they have targeted the smokers for the product that it will help them quit smoking tobacco for good, yet they have not focused their attention over the children who either smoke or don’t.

There are a few reasons for not exposing the E cigarettes directly to the children of age lesser than 18 years. There are medical and legal perspectives that require to be met before having children use an e cigarette. Coming to the medical reservations, children are at risk for internal and external injuries while using E cigarettes. The e liquids used in the cartridge require to be kept away from the reach of children and pets as they can get themselves hurt by ingesting them directly. The injury thus caused can even kill them in severe cases, so there is a need of extra care for that.

Furthermore, it is recommended not to smoke even the electronic cigarettes near or in front of young children as it can cause serious ethical issues and medical issues as well. When children see elders smoking, they are likely to try this for themselves as well. If they try to do the same then they are likely to choke themselves with the smoke due to inexperience or due to the sensitivity of their throat. E cigarettes are although safer in use, they still need to be smoked some place where infants are not present, the smoke can cause narrowing of their windpipe eventually causing serious results. Too young children should also be kept away from handling E cigarettes and their chargers as they are fully electronic devices. While charging, there is a great chance of injury when the hand of handler falls on the wrong place. Electric shocks can be dangerous for very young children.

The legal reservations for the usage of E cigarettes by children are also strict. In the United States, it is illegal to sell a cigarette to a child less than 18 years of age. Although children are become elders very quickly, yet there is no room for negotiation in these state laws. This accounts to be one reason why e cigarette manufacturers are not targeting the children in the marketing campaigns. E cigarettes are still pretty harmful even if they fall in the hands of children as they have no fire involved. Because of absence of fire, there is no risk that they will get a skin burn or will spoil the carpet by burning it. Even of the smoke of E cigarettes is breathed in by children accidentally, the users can be sure that it will bring very little harm as compared to the tobacco containing cigarettes. But still, safety comes first, and when it comes to children, one just cannot afford to trust them with anything.

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