Are E cigarettes safe for elderly

The electronic inhaler that helps in stimulating the process of smoking tobacco by vaporizing a liquid solution into an aerosol mist is known as an E cigarette. An E cigarette is often known as electronic cigarette, PV, disposable cigarette or personal vaporizer. Mostly E cigarettes look alike the regular tobacco cigarettes. But a number of E cigarettes don’t resemble the conventional cigarettes at all. The basic difference between regular tobacco cigarette and E cigarette is that the user can choose the amount of nicotine in an E cigarette from high to zero whereas, in conventional cigarettes, the amount of nicotine is almost the same and high.

Excess of tobacco smoking leads to its addiction and it is very difficult for the addicts to quit smoking. Especially for the people of elder age group, getting rid of tobacco smoking almost becomes impossible. The only way that can help the elder people in quitting tobacco smoking is the use of E cigarettes as an alternative. As older people face many problems, they should quit the use of tobacco. Smoking tobacco can create a very huge problem for them in this age. However, E cigarettes can play a safer role. It can help them in quitting tobacco smoking as E cigarettes are free of the hazardous chemical – nicotine. Many people asks whether E cigarettes safe for the elderly or not? They should know that the E cigarettes are safe for the elders. They don’t provide any harm like tobacco cigarettes do. E cigarette is a great alternative for smoking. Without providing any harm, they easily satisfy the habit of smoking of the elders.

E cigarettes are becoming popular and are widely used by the people who want to quit smoking or who want to reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked each day. Nicotine however, is a highly addictive component of tobacco, and this is what that forces people to get addict to tobacco smoking which in return provides nothing but harm. E cigarettes are not purely harmless but to a great extend are better and safer than regular conventional cigarettes. Two packs of regular conventional cigarettes used in a day are more than enough to provide harm to the smoker. Comparatively, a single E cigarette can easily satisfy the need of a smoker and is equal to almost two packs of tobacco cigarettes. The amount of nicotine used in E cigarettes is zero or relatively very less than the regular tobacco cigarettes.

More than 70 percent people have responded that E cigarettes are better and safer than tobacco cigarettes and almost 85 percent people have stated that E cigarettes helped them a lot in quitting smoking. A very huge amount of people have agreed that the E cigarettes are safer and better than the conventional cigarettes and especially for elderly. So it is proved that they can be safely used by the elderly but they are not recommended for the people with weaker lungs or those suffering from any kind of breathing issues.


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