Are E Cigarettes Safe for Elderly?

Older people generally face the disadvantage of not being able to do everything that they want to. Older one grows, more accepting he or she must get. Once visited to a doctor, he would advise grandmas and grandpas to stay away from extensive work, too much junk food, too much drinking and especially from smoking. E Cigarettes however have an image that they are safer because of not having the hazardous nicotine and tobacco content that takes life. People ask if E Cigarettes can be used or not by the elderly. For them, it can become a great replica of smoking as it can satisfy their smoking habit without doing as much harm.
Tar is dangerous for every person, in every age group as it causes lung cancer. It is a sticky substance very similar to that tar used in making road, yuck! The sticky substance gets deposited when a traditional cigarette is inhaled. Ta covers the vital cilia in the lungs which are responsible for filtering the air for dust and other infectious particles before the air enters the lungs. E Cigarettes do not have tar that can cause all this so people can say that it is pretty safe for use even for the elderly. Although for people who have weaker lungs or complain for breathing issues, E Cigarettes are not for them. They are better off without inhaling anything if they wish to live a couple more years.
Many people would notice that their older parents who are in the age of 60s are comparatively fitter as compared to them if not as swift. The reason for that is that when they were young, there were fewer hazardous gases in the atmosphere, there was a better life style and there was a healthier quality in everything they used to eat. But now as the world has changed a lot, people are naturally getting weaker. It can be concluded that smoke can causes early aging, so some people believe that E Cigarettes are of no harm at all for healthier adults, in fact they are safer than many youngsters while using E Cigarettes. It is hard to believe but it is a theory.
It depends upon the caretakers of the elderly whether they let their elders smoke or not. Many old folks would claim that they had been drinking for 30-40 years with no harm to anything of theirs, so what harm can E Cigarettes bring to their health. But this is altogether a wrong approach for an elderly person as they must abide by their bodily limitations. E Cigarettes can be used by elderly, yes, but they first need to make sure that they are fit enough for it. Furthermore, they can choose the low or no nicotine containing cartridges to put in their E Cigarettes as they simply have a flavored steam in them. For those elderly who wish to smoke, E Cigarettes are safer alternatives, but they can cause wrinkles on skin, but old folks won’t care about that as they already have many.


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