Are E Cigarettes Safe to Use for Pregnant Women?

It is the nicotine in the cigarettes and tobacco that keeps people from quitting smoking. Nicotine is a chemical substance that is a very addictive substance because of its stimulating effect to mammals. People who get dependent on it will have a hard time on stopping it or separate from it, some might not even be able to stop smoking because of it. Even with proper discipline and motivation, it will be very hard to nicotine addicts to quit smoking. People who are addicted to nicotine must have their fixed dose of nicotine in a day, otherwise they will become stressed out and some might even get sick because of it. So their only alternative is to lessen their dose of cigarette in a day.
Addiction in nicotine becomes a problem when a woman who smokes gets pregnant. And people are aware that a pregnant woman cannot smoke because it can endanger the baby that she is carrying in her womb. Smoking during pregnancy can cause pregnancy problems such as ectopic pregnancy or vaginal bleeding and this can endanger the life of the mother. It might even cause disorders to the baby; they might have birth defects or be born prematurely. Even a slight dose of cigar can endanger the health of the baby and even the mother too. But how will the mother be able to keep herself from smoking until she delivers her baby? That would be a nine months long of waiting. So this becomes a choice of whether to continue smoking to sustain the pregnant mothers’ addiction, or save the baby and sacrifice smoking.
E-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, have also been a never-ending query about whether pregnant women can use this as an alternative. Some say that it would be better for pregnant women to just quit smoking even just during the pregnancy period. But the truth is that it is very hard for women to quit because of the addiction to nicotine. Their other alternative is either to lessen their smoking, but still this can harm both the baby and the mother. However, e-cigarettes are not really like any other regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes are safe since nothing is burning because it is battery operated and it doesn’t release any smoke but only vapor of liquid nicotine being heated. And e-cigarettes are said to help people quit smoking cigarettes and tobacco, so it’s more of like an anti-smoking cigarette. And all that it does is to provide nicotine for smokers who needed them so badly for them not to resort to smoking cigarettes anymore and instead use e-cigarettes.
However, e-cigarettes are still not 100% proven to be ok for pregnant women. But when compared to smoking only a little, it is way safer than regular cigarettes. It is still not advisable for pregnant women to smoke cigarettes, even e-cigarettes, because of the harmful effects. Pregnant women should only resort to smoking e-cigarettes if they think that they really couldn’t control themselves. But still, keeping one’s self from smoking is still the best option.

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