Are E-Cigarettes Suitable for All Ages?

When e-cigarettes were first introduced, a lot of people were impressed by how it works on letting people smoke safely and promoting that it is the only cigar that can be smoke anywhere without harming the environment. This is because the tobacco law of U.S. does not apply to e-cigarettes since it is not a type of tobacco nor does it contain any tobacco in it. And so smoking it anywhere even in a closed establishment is not prohibited. And since the tobacco law does not apply to e-cigarettes, the law in which proof of age is need when purchasing them is also not applicable; which means that there is no certain age limit or age requirement when buying electronic cigarettes. Even people under eighteen can buy them without questions or the need for approval from parents. This of course is not recommended, but shows how current laws need to be improved.
Due to the elimination of the proof of age when purchasing tobacco and the variety of flavors of e-cigarettes which can attract children, more people are concerned that children at a young age might get addicted to nicotine. And parents fear that the addiction of their children to nicotine at an early stage might progress as they grow older, especially knowing that nicotine is one addictive chemical and that is hard to let go.
The truth is that children will not get addicted to smoking electronic cigarettes when they start to use them even at a young age. The purpose of e-cigarettes is to help smokers with their addiction, and if that’s their main purpose, how then will the others get addicted to it? It simply is contrary to their purpose.
Though a lot are against to the statement that e-cigarettes are suitable for all, whether it be children, still a lot would think that laws should have been applied particularly those that would need to be above eighteen in order to purchase electronic cigarettes. But since no changes were made, it seems that authorities don’t find it harmful to them after all.
It is true that children are very curious and would surely want to try smoking electronic cigarettes. But in most cases, they are just curious and their curiosity could not lead them to addiction. Once they are able to try smoking electronic cigarettes, sooner or later they would know how it feels to smoke e-cigarettes and they’ll simply get over it.
Electronic cigarettes have this feature of eliminating chemical risks so to avoid smoker’s disease. Since it eliminated chemical risks, people at a young age can try them without harming their body. Smoking e-cigarettes cannot harm the body, what more if children are to just try them?
Bottom line is that there is no harm when electronic cigarettes are sold to people of all ages, even children. If parents think that it can cause the addiction of their children, then it is not true since e-cigarettes actually help people to quit smoking. And wouldn’t it be better to have them try electronic cigarettes rather than the real cigarettes or tobacco?

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