Are E Cigars Safe for Teenagers

Teenagers are attracted to smoking at an early age. Some teenagers think it’s trendy and cool or maybe because they develop the habit when they see their elders do it. Smoking in any form is harmful for the health of a person regardless of the age. The rate of life loss was increasing each year and for this very purpose scientists developed electronic cigarettes and cigars. This technology is a lot less harmful for smokers as compared to tobacco cigarettes as they contain tar and carbon monoxide from the tobacco.

E cigars have been considered as a safer alternative for many smokers especially for those teenagers who start smoking at an early stage. E cigars have helped teenagers quit their smoking habits with conventional cigarettes and have also helped them in coping with smoking too much.

E cigars work in a way where the device contains an atomizer which heats the liquid nicotine. This liquid turns into vapor which can be inhaled and exhaled. The vapor produced resembles cigarette smoke which makes it hard to tell e cigars from normal tobacco cigarettes. Teenagers who smoke normal cigarettes are recommended to try e cigars by doctors. This allows concerned teenagers to consider other options since normal tobacco cigars may cause cancer or other oral infections whereas no such incident has been reported for e cigars.

Teenagers aged 16 to 19 are most commonly found with tobacco smokes in schools and colleges and many institutions have taken drastic steps to help these teenagers out. Some institutions have also brought up e cigars as the safest alternative since reports have shown that majority teens do not agree to stop smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes which are very injurious to health.

Authorities have found that e cigars do not contain harmful levels of nicotine and hence they are better than smoking normal cigarettes. They have classified these electronic devices as a non-stimulant drug device. With no smoke coming out of these cigarettes, teenagers smoking them do not endanger bystander kids when using an electronic cigarette. According to reports, vaporized nicotine is less harmful than inhaling straight nicotine from a tobacco filled cigarette hence teenagers who are troubled smokers are often set on electronic cigarettes to reduce the danger.

Many countries encourage teenagers to live a healthy and smoke-free lifestyle. They provide special counseling and educational programs to help teenagers cope with their smoking habits. Many counselors offer e cigars as a short-term alternative to tobacco smokes. Teenagers can join these programs to keep themselves in better health and decrease the amount of tobacco in their lives by using e cigars or cigarettes. Parents also take part in these programs with their kids so that they can be motivated and given restricted access to tobacco cigarettes. Therapy is provided to people who wish to maintain themselves physically. E cigarettes are also provided to them at minimal price so that they can start using them instead of the traditional cigarettes.

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