Are e cigs safe for use

Many e cig brands have been released kin the market since they started being manufactured in 2007. The best thing about electronic cigarettes is that they are harmless compared to all the other brands in the market. The FDA (Food and drug association) claimed them to be unsafe. Many researchers have recommended e cigs to be safe and actually beneficial for the user’s health.

Alternative to tobacco:

The best thing about e cigs is that they do not contain any tobacco therefore; the risks associated with tobacco are not there.Dr. Michael Siegel of Boston University School of Public Health concluded: “The risks of secondhand vapor from electronic cigarettes use are very small in comparison to those associated with second hand tobacco smoke. While second hand smoke must be eliminated in workplaces and public places, the current data provide no justification for eliminating electronic cigarette use in these places.”

The European society of cardiology stated that although e cigarettes are not exactly very healthy but are a much safer alternative to tobacco. These are a good transition from the traditional tobacco. The tobacco cigarettes contain 1000 times more carcinogens than e cigarettes and are therefore hazardous. The e cigarettes produce harmless vapor, which saves the user from deadly respiratory diseases, which can prove to be fatal. The University of California stated that e cigarettes would be helpful in decreasing the mortality rate of the smokers who die of deadly tobacco diseases.

Safe for environment:

The e cigarettes produce vapor instead of smoke therefore no carbon monoxide is produced which may harm the atmosphere. In addition, the e cigs not harm the passive smokers around the smoker and therefore children and pregnant mothers remain safe from the deadly diseases caused by harmful smoke.

Nicotine replacement therapy:

The user ha s the luxury of choosing the amount of le liquid he puts in an e cig and therefore the user may lessen the amount day by day until a point comes when he is entirely rid of the habit. This will save him from all the deadly nicotine related disease

As a means to quit tobacco:

There are various methods to quit smoking which include nicotine patches, gums and inhalers but none of them had significant effect in helping most people quit. According to studies 79%, people who tried e cigs did not transition to tobacco again. The University of Boston conducted a study on 222 people among whom 31% found e cigarettes useful as a means to quit smoking while only 18% of them were able to have any positive effects of quitting from guns, patches and inhalers altogether. The results were shown after 6 months and most people were satisfied with e smoking and showed signs of better health.

For the heart:

A study conducted on 22 people who consumed e cigs and 20 people who consumed regular tobacco showed that people who smoke tobacco experienced  more elevated heartbeat , increased blood pressure therefore they were more likely to experience heart diseases associated with tobacco and will not cause heart dysfunction in the long run.


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