The Basics of E-Smoking

First released in 2004, electronic cigarettes are at the backbone of e-smoking and their use has quickly risen. People who are looking to lead healthier lives and want to live rich but safe are the ones investing in the e cigar industry.

While these little things may look a lot like the traditional tobacco filled smoke, it is amazingly different from them in other areas.

How it works

The cartridge is filled with a liquid which is sent on to the atomizer that is activated when one takes a puff of an e cigar. It is the duty of the atomizer to make sure that the liquid sent to it is converted into smoke which is released when a person blows out. It usually works on a battery and thus, they are much cheaper than the practice of recurring buying activities. They last much longer than regular cigs – years longer. The cartridge that is sported in the device is refilled with liquid that may or may not have a flavor.


The gadgets are mostly free of health problems due to the following factors:

– They are free of tobacco.

– They nicotine levels are low at 5%.

– The main components are either glycerol or propylene glyco – FDA approved food additives that even non-smokers consume.

– No chemicals like benzene or formaldehyde are used in them.

– They make the air free of carbon monoxide – perhaps the most harmful greenhouse gas.


Nicotine and tar inhalation and consumption are common factors behind many kinds of cancers and the use of an e cigar frees people of that danger.

In the long term, they are far cheaper than what an average tobacco smoke will cost, even though the initial investment may seem to be even unreasonably high.

These cigs ensure that the environmental conditions are not harmed by a few people smoking and thus, they are not a threat to Mother Nature or the enhancement of greenhouse gases and global warming.

It can actually lead to freedom from smoking since it greatly reduces the amount of nicotine one consumes or takes in on average.

The levels of euphoria, however, remain the same and so, the users will get as great a kick from smoking it as they get from a normal cig.

Others in the Vicinity

An e cigar is also considered to be better for the passive smoking community as well since they do not emit dangerous smokes that may harm a smoker’s near and dear ones greatly. In NY, a special study was conducted which showed that the smoke that emanated from an e-cig did not contain the same levels of pollutants and toxins that a tobacco cig has and thus, they are proven to be the better option for people living around a smoker.


Conclusively, one can state that the use of e-cigs must be made even more common since they are better for people and for trees and thus, are overall the greater option available. Despite the doubts, no one is denying that e-cigs are definitely the better option – if not the best.


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