Beginners Guide – Different Types of E Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are available in the marketplace for quite a while now and their demand is increasing day by day because of the spectacular features of this product. Even though, it is an extremely popular merchandize, but still some folks, especially beginners still confused about different kinds of amerismoke electronic cigarettes.

Basically, these modern cigarettes are divided into three different categories including Disposable e-cigars that utterly look like traditional tobacco cigarettes, Refillable electronic cigarettes, which are generally larger in size and can be replenished with e-liquids whenever required and the last one is advanced electronic cigar that feature variable voltage. This guide will precisely explain each.

Disposable or Lookalike E Cigarettes

It is probably the most common kind of e-cigs these days that totally look like traditional tobacco cigarettes with a gleaming LED light present at its tip. Most of the people usually find them in the super markets and petrol stations. People love this particular kind of e-cig because it gives the feel of normal tobacco stick. It might be the ideal choice for those folks who just switched normal smoking to the vapors one, since it makes them feel that they are still smoking their old sticks of flame.

Some of these amerismoke can be recharged and their cartridges can also be replaced whenever they run out of the e-liquid. The biggest advantage of utilizing these e-cigs is their small size which makes them extremely portable and easy to keep in the pocket.

The Refillable Electronic Cigarettes

For average users, this is the best kind of e-cig, since these devices allow its users to refill e-liquid very easily which is furthermore extremely inexpensive. The refillable e-cigs perform great and their battery lifespan is also amazing. As compared to the disposable cartridges, e-liquids are way cheaper and are available in thousands of flavors, which is certainly another plus.

The kit of this refillable device generally features two cigarettes instead of only one. The reason behind it is that the user can utilize one while other is charging. This way one device will always keep available. Another great advantage of making use of refillable amerismoke e-cigs is that they provide a lot more quantity of vapors as well as better flavor at the same time.

The Advanced or Variable Voltage E-cigs

It is the lasted form of electronic cigarette, which is specially designed for the modern users. The key aim of these cigs is to get utmost performance and flavor from these devices. Unlike disposable and refillable e-cigs, these devices allow its users to change the power of atomizer which is responsible to create vapors.

They also come with so many other spectacular features, such as users are able to measure the resistance of their devices and can exploit batteries in order to prop up the increased consumption of power. Although, it is not advised for the beginners to start out with variable voltage cigarettes and it is always recommended for them to begin with either refillable or disposable amerismoke electronic cigarettes.


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