Benefits of e cigar

After the success of the infamous electronic cigarettes, the e cigar was launched as a substitute for people who prefer cigars to satisfy their nicotine addiction. E cigars are now sold all over the world, in countries like Australia as a medicinal product while in others as a regular nicotine inhaler. Smoking is the number one cause of death in 7 countries as burning tobacco and inhaling nicotine effects the entire body causing a greater risk of heart attack, lung cancer, throat cancer, pneumonia, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s diseases.

Environmental benefits

Electronic cigars do not have the disturbing odor of the traditional cigarette, which is not only disturbing for the smoker but also the people around him. Moreover, it does not have the risk of turning people into passive smokers as it does not released smoke rather it releases a harmless vapor that is harmless to the body. Moreover, the release of vapor is also good for the environment, as it ill will save it from all the gaseous nicotine releases from millions of smokers around the world. Therefore, e cigar not only benefits the user but is also a social service that saves the environment and saves people from becoming silent victims of the deadly tobacco smoke.


Moreover, unlike other medicinal products,e cigarhas a greattaste; they come in different flavors such as cherry, watermelon, chocolate, mint, pineapple, and apple and off course tobacco. The variety helps to meet the demands of all different kinds of users to attract more and more people towards this healthy habit.

Nicotine replacement therapy and health benefits:

The British medical association although prefers the use of other substitutes such as nicotine patches and gums yet for people who would accept nothing less than a smoking element similar to that of a cigar, e cigar is the answer. Moreover, the European institute of cardiology clearly stated that the e cigarmay not be entirely chemical free but it can save four million out of 8 million American smokers from dying of tobacco related diseases.Studies suggested that people that use electronic cigars have a lower risk of lung cancer, heart attack pneumonia, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis.The users who switched from tobacco cigar to e cigaralso showed reduced sleep deprivation, reduced pain in the chest, and reduced unpredictable mood swings and coughing. The health benefits brought a great impact on their health and eventually their lifestyle and attitudes improved due to the improved health.


In 2009, the FDA accused some companies of adding Diethylene glycol in the cigarettes however, that chemical has not been found in any e cigar brand since then. The legalization of e cigars is still ending in a few countries however organizations such as the BMA  have shown full support to not only legalize it but to sell it as medicinal product to save the people from deadly diseases. A study by the UKNational Health Service suggested that the cartridges f the electronic cigar contain 1000 times less toxic components than the traditional cigar so it is safe to say that it is a much safer smoking element than tobacco.



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