Benefits of E Cigarette over Traditional Ones

These days, e cigarette is considered as one of the best alternatives to traditional ones. They are suitable substitute because of so many advantages are associated with it and some of them are mentioned below.

They Do Not Have That Agitating Odor

Just about everybody knows how conventional cigarette smell, in fact, it is their hallmark. The most perturbing fact about it is that the scent which is generated from the smoke of these old fashioned cigarettes clings to everything it comes in touch with. Let it be clothes, hair or even a car. Not only the clingy odor of these cigarettes smells awful, but so many people also consider it odious and avoid close contact with hard smokers. The biggest reason why those archaic cigarettes smell so terrible is that they burn different types of chemicals and tar plus tobacco itself.

While on the other hand e cigarette does not generate any sort of portentous odor because rather than burning tobacco and tar and producing great amounts of dense smoke, the smokers of e cigarettes only exhale a little amount of vapors that virtually evaporates into the atmosphere. The users of these state of the art cigars as well as nonsmokers reported that the vapors of these cigars do not produce bad odor.

Electronic Cigarettes Are Much Safer

Whenever a person wants to smoke a traditional cigarette, then certainly he/she has to burn it up with the help of an open flame. This is why these cigars cause serious fire threats by default. Tobacco cigarettes are in fact one of the most prominent reasons of deaths, which are related to fire accidents in all over the globe.

But when it comes to electronic cigarettes, you would not have to burn it by using flame and hot cherry is also not involved with it that can burn your expensive furniture, clothes and so on.


It might not be fair to call e cigarette completely healthier and safe; however one obvious fact is that they are way less toxicant as compared to the traditional burning bars of tobacco. Probably that is the main reason why so many experts recommend electronic cigarettes as an apt substitute. It is also very imperative to keep in mind that conventional cigarettes contain loads of chemicals which are considered cancer causing or carcinogenic that could also lead to other health related issues, such as Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, pneumonia, heart attack, strokes etc. Large numbers of folks who have switched to electronic cigarettes have found much better physical and mental feeling.


Over so many years, traditional smoking has been growingly conceived as a very negative activity by society. The reasons of it are pretty clear that generally include drastic effects on health, smell etc. Also, the conventional cigarettes can cause significant impacts on the smoker’s life. For instance, it is quite rare that a nonsmoker dates or spends its time with a smoker. This is where e cigarette changes the whole phenomenon of smoking, since it is much more socially accepted and have either no or extremely minute restrictions in society.


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