Benefits of smoking disposable cigar

A disposable cigar comes in various brands including duo pro, Amerismoke and vapor king. Disposable cigar is a great habit for people who are not chain smokers and are not intending to be. Maybe their office allows e-cigarettes and they’d like to “smoke” at their desk instead of going outside for smoke breaks. Some people only smoke socially and want something that they can take to the bar or club and doesn’t leave them smelling like smoke. These are all the right reasons for buying disposable e-cigarettes

Even though  liquid nicotine is a lot safer but is still addictive and for people who are not regular smokers need not invest in entire e cigar  kits. It will save people from the habit of regular smoking and their dependency on nicotine. It is a healthier way to satisfy temporary nicotine temptations as purchasing an entire set will stimulate the act of smoking more and more causing harm to health.

Using a disposable cigar saves the high amounts of costs spent in purchasing an entire e cigar kit which can cost from $ 30 to $ 300 while disposable cigar usually costs from $7 to $ 15, depending on the brand. Also, it definitely makes sense to buy a disposable e-cigarette first to make sure that you’re going to be happy with the full e-cigar instead of investing in an entire kit and late realizing that the cigar is neither consumable in terms of taste nor durable. Therefore using a disposable cigar before taking a full kit is a smarter choice .Disposable cigar is also cheaper than traditional tobacco cigar as one cigar can have from 300 to 500 puffs and may last several days.

Disposable e cigars are charged and ready to use and saves the hassle of carrying around all the attachments and components of e cigars including cartridges, atomizers and batteries, therefore disposable e cigars are highly portable. As soon as you remove a disposable cigar from the package, you can begin using it by puffing if it is an automatic e-cigar or holding down the button and puffing. This saves a lot of time which is spent in attaching various components and recharging the batteries. They do not require electricity or power supply therefore can be used while travelling in places where there isn’t any electricity.

The starter kits give potential smokers of the regular tobacco a chance to try out e cigars before deciding whether they are actually ready to transition from tobacco and are willing to take up a healthier alternative. With proper medical guidance, regulation and consultancy consumers can decide through the use of the disposable cigar, whether they want to switch to nicotine replacement therapies offered through e cigars and which brands, flavors they want to try.

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