Benefits of Smoking Duo Pro E Cigarettes

Duo pro is a highly versatile brand of e –cigarettes. It is a high quality appliance which comes with various attachments and adjustments, to benefit users with different needs. Its parts include refill cartridges, chargers adapter, cases etc.


Its components are of vary in size and shape for different customers. As e cigarettes are electrical devices that run with the help of electrical signals rather than fire, they are in need of electrical; supply. It has a wall charger for use within the home, workplace or anywhere with constant electric supply. Duo pro also offers lightweight, portable and long-lasting usb chargers for those who are constantly on the road as well as car chargers to charge e- cigarettes while driving. Duo pro also has attachments such as batteries in varying colors for longer use without power supply. It has a luxury carrying case which can fit cartridges and cigarette and also a smaller pocket sized pouch to carry along anywhere. To meet different dietary need of consumers Duo pro comes in exotic flavors namely water melon, coffee, grape cola, cherry, vanilla, chocolate, menthol, Cuban cigar, waffle.

Affordability and design

Most e cigar kits cost from $80 to $200 according to the brands. They devise cunning schemes to trick people into taking free trials and charge them several dollars after a few days. Not only does Duo pro have a clean reputation in the market and is free from such fraudulent acts but is also cost effective. The entire Duo pro kit costs only $39 which includes a manual, home charger, a special gift box and 5 cartridges, which can be customized in flavorings according to customer choice. In an online search conducted by Jean-François Etter, Institute of social and preventive medicine, University of Geneva, 57% people prefer e cigarette as they are cheaper compare to tobacco cigarette. After purchasing the starter kit only the cost of the refill cartridges has to be met unlike the tobacco cigarettes which have to be purchased daily. Duo pro set is designed in a gorgeous jet black, simple yet extremely elegant. Since nowadays electronic gadgets have become more of an accessory Duo pro has designed a stylish carrying case made of shining metal and a handy pocket case for users who have a classy and sophisticated personality.

Health and safety:

It is a safe transition from the deadly tobacco cigarette and the constituents of e cigarettes are much less harmful than traditional cigarette. I n the same study conducted by 3587 people participated out of which 79% people used it to avoid relapsing to tobacco cigarette and 84% of them believed it to be less toxic than traditional cigarette. 79% used it to deal with their craving for .It can also be used as a nicotine replacement therapy to help people quit smoking as 96% believed that e cigarette helped them quit smoking. The amount of nicotine can be lessened day by day till a point comes when a person overcomes nicotine fixation, as the consumers can choose the amount of Eliquid they add.

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