Benefits of Smoking Vapor King

Among many e cigarette brands in the market vapor King is the most convenient for users due to its affordability, versatility and reliability. When it comes to an e cigarette the first question that comes to a consumers mind is health and safety. Vapor King is free from all the lethal cancer stimulating carcinogens found in other e cigarette brands by the FDA (Food and drug administration). The amount of nicotine present is a 1000 times less and the liquid nicotine present in it its Eliquid is not dangerous at all as atomizer present in vapor king vaporizes it and it is inhaled in the form of vapor rather than dangerous smoke present in tobacco cigarette. It is a highly safe transition from the tobacco cigarette and saves them from tobacco related diseases. .According to an online study of 3587 79% of them used e cigarette as they feared that leaving it will lead them to relapsing to deadly tobacco also 84% them believed it was less toxic and less harmful to their health than tobacco. It gives the same taste and sensation of a tobacco cigarette but does not even cause quarter of the harm tobacco cigarette would cause. Moreover vapor king can also be used as a nicotine replacement therapy as if the quantity of nicotine is lessened day by day a stage would come when a person will be rid of nicotine fixation and can switch to  nicotine free cigarettes. According to an online study of 3587 people in French and English by 96% people believed that it actually helped quit smoking .According to a study by Boston University of public health 222 people were tested out of which 31% people quit smoking by the use of e cigarette while nicotine patches and gums did not come out to be effective at all. E cigarettes in countries like Austria is a declared pharmaceutical product and there is debate in US states as Nicholas Sarkozki is in favor for the use of e cigarette as a medicinal drug.

There are several e cigarette brands in the market that have an absurdly high cost and they aren’t durable as the cartridge has to be changed more often while Vapor king has a 5 pack long lasting cartridge. It has portable batteries and cases for people to take along on the road and comes in a variety of flavors which can be customized according to consumer needs, to satisfy temptations of consumers with differing tastes. Vapor King is a good investment the entire starter kit of vapor king costs $84 while its attachments vary from $7 to $15.

High end e cigarette brands in the market may cost up to $200 and regular tobacco cigarettes have to be bought every day while Vapor King only has an initial cost after which only the cartridges have to be bought therefore we can say that a benefit of using Vapor king is that it is more cost effective compared to other cigarettes.

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