Benefits of Using E Cigarette

E Cigarette as a product was primarily introduced in the market to help people quit smoking. The primary targets for the product were the people who used to smoke tobacco already. But the popularity of this product has spread so much that even those people have started smoking the e cigs, who didn’t used to smoke at all. But there are questions regarding the health benefits and disadvantages of using e cigs. There are several benefits of using an E Cigarette as it is a nicotine free alternative to tobacco cigarette.
The first benefit is the one for which the product was launched. There are a number of people who wish to quit smoking cigarettes but they are unable to because this habit has become tied with them tightly. Although it seems a task of far future that people would shift from tobacco to the electronic version in great numbers. But still a lot of people are using E Cigarette as a replica for their addiction. This benefits their health in a way that they are able to satisfy their addiction without inviting poisonous fumes in their body. People who have started using E Cigarette say that they feel lesser need of using tobacco cigarettes.
There is no danger of getting ill with lung cancer as there is no tar involved in an E Cigarette. Tar is the key component that causes lung cancer. It is a very sticky substance that keeps entering the trachea after each time a cigarette is inhaled. This tar gets to the lungs in small quantity and sticks with the tiny hair like cilia in the lungs which are present to stop any dust or other such things from entering the lungs. But as they get covered with tar, they are unable to perform their function well and everything is free to enter the lungs directly. An E Cigarette does not have tar as its constituent so there is no danger for that.
Several times it is heard of a fire that was started with a lighted cigarette. Cigarettes cause more fires than heat each year and they can cause a fire almost anywhere. Contrary to that, an E Cigarette does not have a fire involved as the entire mechanism is based on a heated filament that converts water to steam. So much so that the light that appears in the front part of an electronic cigarette is artificial. There are LED lights that glow to give the illusion of a cigarette. LED light of an E Cigarette burn brighter when the cigarette is inhaled, this makes the apparatus seem more lifelike.
Another great use for E Cigarette is that it does not cause pollution in the environment. Many people feel a pungent feeling up their sinus when a person smokes tobacco near them. In the electronic cigarette there is no sharp and pungent element involved thus the smoke is not that bad. Due to this fact, the e cig becomes a useable thing in public as well.


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