Benefits of Using Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes were introduced in the US markets in 2007 as an alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes do not contain the highly controversial substance called “tobacco” hence they are not regulated by the FDA – Food and Drug Administration. These miniature devices were mainly introduced for nicotine-addicted individuals to help overcome health risks affiliated with the conventional tobacco cigarettes such as cancer, etc.

Although, electronic cigarettes are very hard to tell apart from tobacco cigarettes, these devices have been designed to perform very differently. The mechanism in these cigarettes heats up the liquid nicotine which turns into vapor when the smoking individual inhales and exhales. Research has proven that this mechanism of electronic cigarettes is very beneficial as compared to the traditional cigarette smoke, however the extent of advantages of smoking these cigarettes are still unknown. Experts in this area have advised authorities to conduct a full research to establish the advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes.

One of the many recognized advantages of electronic cigarettes is that they are non-polluting, non-flammable and non-carcinogenic. This simply means that not only the smoker who inhales from these cigarettes is not affected by the tar and tobacco found in normal cigarettes but also, the nearby individuals are not affected by passive smoking. They are safe to carry around and do not contain cancer threatening substances.

These micro-devices also have the ability to satisfy the smoking individual requiring nicotine. They are considered as a friendly technology which encourages frequent smokers to move from the conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Research has proved that e-cigarettes smokers have confirmed their satisfaction with the technology as compared to when they used to smoke tobacco-containing cigarettes. Smokers have gone to the extent of quitting smoking with the help of these cigarettes. Individuals stated that they were nowhere near quitting their habit of smoking but these cigarettes have helped them overcome their tobacco addiction slowly and steadily.

Another great benefit of using electronic cigarettes is that they can be used in non-smoking areas and inside buildings which do not allow smoking indoors since this product only produces vapor and is put-out very easily with just a tap on the tip of the cigarette. Organizations and working-areas have encouraged their employees to try out e-cigarettes in different parts of the world. Employers stated that their employees had started to take lesser smoke breaks when they started smoking e-cigarettes and their health improved quite dramatically.

Many reports have shown that passive smokers (individuals around the smoker) have also shown their satisfaction towards electronic cigarettes as they no longer had to inhale tobacco smoke exhaled by conventional smokers. This is why using e-cigarettes around children and asthmatic patients has been approved by many researchers and scientists testing these devices.

Electronic cigarettes are easily available to purchase online and are present at local stores for addictive smokers who plan to quit tobacco smoking. Many individuals have intentionally switched to these cigarettes as the risk of cancer subsides substantially.

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