Benefits of Using Starter Kits Initially

The model types of e-cigarettes sold online and in stores is about 9-10 per manufacturer or the type of brand, all under hundreds of different brand names. Out of these, the KR808D-1 model e-cigarette is the most popular and easy to use e-cigarette for beginners. Most electronic cigarette users initially purchase starter kits that contain a battery, USB charger and a selection of cartomizers (cartridges and atomizers). Some starter kits also come with a portable charging case that is more efficient.

The main benefit of using a starter kit is to insure a smooth transition between smoking a tobacco filled cigarette and an e-cigarette. Most people get their addiction to cigarettes due to the large amount of nicotine present in their composition. The smoking effect of a cigarette is much more powerful and addictive compared to an e-cigarette. More importantly the amount of nicotine present in an e cigarette is a thousand times less than that present in a real tobacco filled cigarette. This is where starter kits kick in. Most smokers are used to the vibe that comes with actual smoking, and when not given a similar experience, they move back to the old fashioned way, that is much more dangerous and risky in terms of health compared to e- smoking. Starter kits ensure that for the people who are at an early stage of quitting their habit of smoking through the use of e-cigarettes get an experience as close to real smoking as possible. These measures are taken to ensure the success of e- cigarettes and the process to quit smoking altogether.

The factors that are considered to make e-smoking similar to actual smoking is tricky, as it has to be kept safe and efficient in terms of the basis it is created for. For that sometimes larger or double lithium ion batteries are used to give it more power. The numbers of cartomizers are also increased up to 5 in starter kits for the exact same reason. A cartomizer is the section in a starter kit (e-cigarette) where the atomizer and the cartridge are placed, and they reside in the same unit. Cartomizers are composed of heating element and a polyfoam soaked in a certain liquid ( e-liquid) surround these elements. This combination is mainly used in the starter kits.

Starter kits also come with the option to annotate flavor and strength with order. This feature enables the user to adjust the e-cigarette according to his requirements, which make the process of e-smoking more controlled and desirable. Once the process becomes desirable the urge to revert back to old smoking method is further reduced. It can be concluded that the main difference between starter kits and usual kits in e-cigarettes is that starter kits are designed to match the real tobacco smoking so that the transition is hardly noticeable.

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