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Cigar is a bundled roll of fermented and dried tobacco leaves that generates smoke and fulfills the demand of the smokers. Like the smoke of the tobacco cigarettes, the smoke of the cigar also contains harmful chemicals that are dangerous for smokers as well as for the non – smokers. As everybody already knows that tobacco is a very harmful substance that gives rise to a very deadly disease – cancer. A person who smokes tobacco, lately or shortly gets into the deadly disease of cancer. And mostly the type of cancer caused by smoking tobacco is not curable and causes death.

Cigar smoking is not at all beneficial for health. Cigars containing tobacco cause a lot of problems. Even if the smoke of the cigar is not inhaled, it still is harmful.  Cigars contain nicotine that is a very harmful chemical. A single cigar contains a very huge amount of nicotine. The amount of nicotine present in a cigar is equal to the amount of nicotine present several cigarettes. Nicotine itself is a very addictive chemical and excess of use of cigar causes different types of cancers or even death.

Disposable cigars – safer from tobacco cigars:

For a healthy lifestyle, cigar smoking must be avoided. Disposable cigars are also invented as an alternative to tobacco cigars. As everybody knows that smoking is a very bad habit and when a person is involved in tobacco smoking then it’s nearly impossible for him/her to quit smoking.  He/she becomes an addict and addict can’t spend even a day without smoking. So, for the people who want to quit tobacco smoking, disposable cigars are a very good choice. These disposable cigars fulfills the demand of the smokers without providing them any harm as they do not contain any harmful chemical in them.

Disposable cigars are known worldwide as an alternative to tobacco cigars. Disposable cigars are better substitutes to tobacco smoking and are much more beneficial. Like tobacco cigars, the disposable cigars also generates a huge amount of smoke that is not at all harmful for the smokers. The smoke generated from the disposable cigars is known as vapor. The vapor is generated from the disposable cigars when they are started by puffing. The amount of vapor generated from the disposable cigars satisfies the demand of the smokers of the smoke that is generated from the tobacco cigars.

Disposable cigars are available in many flavors. The flavors of the disposable cigars that are demanded by most of the people are Cuban and menthol. A disposable cigar is slightly a bit more expensive than a tobacco cigar but it can be used safely as it is free of nicotine and all other hazardous chemicals.

Like disposable cigarettes, the disposable cigars are also available in different levels of nicotine. The level of nicotine in disposable cigar starts from higher to zero. A person using disposable cigar can easily get over the habit of smoking tobacco cigar. It has been proved that many people have left smoking cigars with the use of disposable cigars.

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