Brief History of the E Cigs

Commonly known as e cigs and e cigarettes, the electronic cigarettes have come a long way to achieve the success they were destined to. Created by a Chinese scientist, Hon Lik, these cigarettes were basically created as the most exclusive and safe alternative for cigarette smoking. Smoking the real cigarettes can be exceptionally harmful as it contains a lot of harsh substances like tar and nicotine, which can be immensely addictive in the long run. Hence, Hon Like invented these cigarettes to be smoked without gaining any of the negative side effects of traditional smoking.

Introduction to Europe

The e cigarettes were first introduced in Europe in around 2003-4 and ever since then, they have managed to become very popular amongst the general public. Due to their similar appearance to the traditional cigarettes, it did not take long for them to become a top favorite of smokers who wanted to enjoy smoking without any harmful side effects in the future. As they are free from nicotine, they are an exceptionally safe alternative for smokers of all age groups. They traveled all the way and in different locations of Europe, only to head towards their final and most important destination which was The United States of America.

Advancement to the US

Right after the e cigarettes were introduced in USA, they were an immediate hit. From young to older smokers, everyone wanted to try and switch towards the new cigarettes which were free from nicotine, tar and every other dreadful chemical which is normally a part of the traditional cigarettes. As far as records are concerned, the cig industry managed to break their own sales records in US. These cigarettes went on to fiercely rival the tobacco cigarettes as people back then had gained a lot more awareness than before and due to this fact, the sales of the e cigs sky-rocketed in a short period of time.

Worldwide Distribution

Ever since then, the success of the e cigarettes has been noted by all. Today, every other health organization is encouraging the prevention of smoking by showcasing these cigarettes to smokers from all over the world. Health activists are also highly against smoking and now fully support the electronic cigarettes since they are highly beneficial to chain smokers and also to the smokers who wish to quit smoking in the near future. The level of health consciousness and awareness amongst people has also increased by a long shot these days; therefore, more and more people in the US, UK and different parts of the world can be seen to be switching to these cigarettes for good.

Immaculate Success

The electronic cigarettes have undoubtedly revolutionized the cigarette industry by stripping off major harmful chemicals and drugs such as nicotine, tar and much more. Due to the high increase in the sales of the e cigarettes, the sales of the tobacco industry have been reported to head towards a huge decline by the beginning of 2016. Those who have not yet tried out the electronic cigarettes are surely missing out on a lot of fun and the best way for smoking without actually acquiring any of health issues.


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