Can Adults Safely Use Electronic Cigars

Electronic Cigars are gaining popularity among men and women. With recent product development and huge investments made on marketing of the product the use of the product has been increased to the highest level. According to the recent surveys more than 60% of the American adult men are aware of the products of Electronic Cigar and about 6% of the adults have at least used the products of Electronic Cigars. These users include both smokers and non smokers. This ratio shows a large number of users only in America and tends o increase in number with time. With popularity over time and development of the product still very little is known about the product. The product is combination of components including a battery and an atomizer attached to the body of the product in which the liquid of the Electronic Cigars is injected to turn into vapors for inhaling. There are questions raised on the usage of the product among adult men and the advantages are not known much to users. Following are some of the advantages of Electronic Cigar.

Self esteem improved with the use of Electronic Cigars

There has been research conducted on the use of self esteem development and the use of tobacco products in men. And the results show that chain smokers rend to develop a positive self esteem with the use of Electronic Cigars. As they tend to smoke a less harmful product and eventually stops them for smoking more in a day time.

Contains no toxic element

The Electronic Cigars contain no tar or any element of toxins. In other tobacco products like cigarettes there are around 4000 harmful chemicals or toxics used in the formula development while in Electronic Cigar there is none that makes the product more favorable than normal smokes.

Less addictive

Electronic Cigars have proved to be less addictive than normal tobacco products. This is why the formula is different and do not develop the feeling of obligation with the use of eth product. The product makes the user able to puff a few times that naturally reduces the use of the product and the habit of smoking.

Fewer investments made on tobacco product

When one wants to reduce the habit of smoking and keep the money invested on the tobacco and smokes to reduce, one should try the Electronic Cigars. With use of Electronic Cigar over some time one reduces the use and the investments on the product. With use of Electronic Cigar one tends to reduce the habit of smoking that saves money also the traditional smokes a lot more than one time investments made on Electronic Cigars.

No smoke when using Electronic Cigars

When a user is inhaling Electronic Cigar there is no smoke produced. Only vapors are produced that are not harmful to the environment making the surrounding safer to breath. Also the Electronic Cigars are owned and used by single users usually that keeps the germs of multiple users away. The no smoke feature allows the user to smoke even in the areas that are for non smokers.

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