Can the e cigar save lives?

Many studies have been conducted on the e cigar and one is skeptical whether the electrical device can actually help to save the lives of millions of smokers who die of tobacco diseases.


The Europeanassociation of cardiology clearly stated that 4 out of 8 million smokers who die in America due to tobacco related diseases could be saved from harm through e cigar even if they are not entirely safe. Moreover, the British medical association stated that many people do not accept nicotine patches and gums as an alternative to tobacco smoking therefore they require a smoking element for their nicotine requirements. Only e cigars can fill their requirement of tobacco cigars save from many diseases related to smoking such as heart strokes, lung cancer, tuberculosis etc. Smoking is the major cause of COPD in people, which is leading to many deaths. One out of 5 people in America die of smoking according to studies.

The cigars contain cancer-causingcarcinogens, which are the major cause of lung, and throat cancer the e cigar contains a 1000 times less carcinogens and toxic elements than a regular cigar.Study suggests that people who switched to the e cigar showed decreased signs of insomnia, hypertension, elevated heartbeat, and stress therefore using the e cigar can also improve the psychological health of the users. Moreover, the many infant death that are prevalent among mothers due to smoking during pregnancy and many childhood related diseases that are transferred from smoker mothers will no longer prevail in the children.

Moreover, people who smoke cigar often lose their appetite, which leads their health to worsen, as they will not have any nutritious intake to develop antibodies to fight smoking related diseases. The ecigar has no effect on the persons eating habits and one can continue to take healthy food to develop a well-functioning immune system.


However, the FDA published on their website that toxic elements were found in the e cigar, which were said to be harmful enough to damage the human body. These elements were so far found in only one brand ofe cigar and the others were safe. Moreover, the packaging of e cigar does not include any health precautions and warning, which makes it hard and dangerous for the person to use. No clinical data is available on the safety of e cigars. The manufacturers of the cigar have conducted no research and cigar companies do not take responsibility for the consequences. A study was conducted in which a detailed analysis was done on people who smoked the e cigar and it was found that most of the users showed signs of increased oxidative stress and elevated heartbeat.This showed that e cigars were not entirely safe and there was evident difference between a non-smoker and an e smokers body functioning. The results were found after a smoking session of only 5 minutes therefore the researchers were concerned what effects the cigars could have on a person who smokes every day.


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