Can’t quit smoking? Use e cigarettes

E cigarettes are similar to the conventional cigarettes in physical design and dimensions. The E cigarette is a kind of electronic inhaling device. This vaporizes a liquid solution into an aerosol spray. The people using E cigarettes have the same feeling as if smoking a real conventional tobacco cigarette. There are a lot many similarities between conventional cigarettes and E cigarettes; the considerable difference between them is that e cigarettes have some additional components like atomizer, magnetic adaptor, battery, cartridge etc.
Although the habitual smokers know the fact that smoking cigarette is harmful and dangerous for human health, the bent towards smoking cigarettes is increasing day by day among the people. E cigarettes are a convincing and healthier alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes. It is considered more effective as the users do not inhale the tobacco smoke which contains many toxic and harmful chemicals in it. When people become addicted to smoking cigarette it becomes very difficult for them to quit this unhealthy habit. But it is still in hand to decrease the harmful and dangerous effects of tobacco by using electronic cigarettes. Knowing the injurious effects of the conventional tobacco cigarettes more and more people are bending towards the use of much safer, electronic cigarettes. E cigarette use battery for as the working principle therefore no combustion takes place keeping the user safe from the mixture of toxic gases. Furthermore the environment remains clean and healthy and the surrounding people also not get disturbed by the irritating smoke from tobacco cigarettes.
E cigarette allows the users to select the amount of nicotine to be inhaled. This is advantageous for the people who suffer from some kind of disease as they might be interested in no nicotine at all. The poisonous gases and chemicals produced as a result of combustion of nicotine in tobacco cigarettes that cause intense irritation in the respiratory channel, are not produced in modern electronic cigarettes. Moreover an e cigarette uses battery so the same cigarette can be used again and again. This helps save money. Once e cigarette is purchased then one needs to buy refills when you run out of them.
As no poisonous gases are inhaled hence there is a reduced chance of getting deadly disease likes cancer and asthma. E cigarette reduces the dependency on tobacco for those who use it with intend to quit smoking for good.
It is observed that the awareness about the dangerous effects of tobacco cigarettes is spreading rapidly. The habitual smokers realize that use of e cigarettes is very economical as one need to replace the refills only. Plus one can save life from use of e cigarettes. Other benefits include no bad smell from the smokers because e cigarettes release vapors which disappear in atmosphere in no time.
E cigarettes are promoted in market as they are much less harmful for human health. It is evident from many researches that e cigarettes are a safe and healthy alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes.


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