The Categories of an E-Cig

Safe, reliable and easy-to-use, an e-cig is the perfect choice for a modern-age smoker. Due to this, they have been quickly rising and being used more frequently than ever before. In recent years, a number of studies have also been conducted on the smoke’s safety. These researches have been highly positive. They have proven that e-cigs contain no toxic tobacco and has lesser nicotine as compared to lethal tobacco cigarettes. They are safe for passive smokers and have lesser impact on their respiratory systems as well. In short, e-cigs provide their users with a longer life while still giving them the kick, the satisfaction of a good, long smoke.

An e-cig usually has a few categories in which it is divided.

Disposable e-cigs

A Disposable e-cig is fairly common in developed countries now. These types of e-cigs are usually the ones that starters opt for when they decide to shift to electronic smoking. Easily available in super markets, gas stations or public bars, they are the most convenient and easy type of e-cigarette to use. They do not need e-liquids and rechargeable batteries. Once the “vapor” has finished smoking, or the cartridge has ended, they simply need to throw it away. The vapors may not be as thick as professional e-cigs but that is only because this brand of e-cigs is cheaper than the others. For people looking to shift to e-smoking, it is recommended that they start using this form of the e-cig once or twice a day instead of the tobacco smoke.


E-cigars are a fairly new entrant in the e-cigarette market. The biggest difference between a normal cigar and an e-cigar is the fact that the electronic devices are devoid of the nasty smell that cigar is so commonly known for. Their look, packaging and appearance are quite similar to an ordinary cigar but the experience may be a little different. The LED even mimics the ash of a real cigar. These cigars last for several months even though they are actually disposable in nature (or at least most are). E-cigars are able to duplicate the robust flavors and kicks that cigars provide but passive smokers will not be able to smell anything, which is an added bonus.


The e-go is another form of the e-cig that has been seeing more sales recently. It is great for people who need a bigger kick with their vapor and a battery that lasts much longer. E-gos are able to provide users with a variety of choice in flavors, colors and sizes, as well. Their capacity to hold huge amounts of e-liquids is phenomenal – they can last a whole day of continuous vaporing. They are available at a great price in the market. Their biggest quality remains the fact that out of most e-cigs, these are amongst the few to allow for heavy vaporing.


The rechargeable e-cig is perhaps most commonly used by people who have completely shifted to e-smoking. E-smokers (or vapors) tend to buy an electronic cigarette kit for regular use. These kits come with rechargeable batteries that run the electronic cigarette and chargers that run the batteries.


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