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Major Features of the E Cigarettes

  While many people may not agree, electronic cigarettes have become far more than just an invention designed to quit smoking. These cigarettes have actually become the best and the safest alternative of traditional smoking, beating away solid contenders such as nicotine patches as well as nicotine gums. The e cigarettes have many short as […]

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Brief History of the E Cigs

Commonly known as e cigs and e cigarettes, the electronic cigarettes have come a long way to achieve the success they were destined to. Created by a Chinese scientist, Hon Lik, these cigarettes were basically created as the most exclusive and safe alternative for cigarette smoking. Smoking the real cigarettes can be exceptionally harmful as […]

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Age Groups Eligible for Smoking Electronic Cigs

The advantages of smoking electronic cigarettes instead of the real ones have been displayed everywhere through the media. While these cigarettes are the best alternative for smoking, they are also very affordable in comparison with the traditional cigarettes. The e cigarettes have proven to be a better alternative than other ones such as nicotine patches, […]

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