The Celebs who have Endorsed E-Cigarettes

The popularity of e cigarettes is no secret anymore and people all over the world are quick to endorse the brand. People tend to especially opt for e-cigs instead of the typical tobacco cigarettes. They do this as much to protect the environment and the people in it, as they do to protect themselves from diseases. There are a number of people within the boundaries of Hollywood who have endorsed the brand and urge their fans to go for the product.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Amongst the most recognizable names (and faces!) of America, Leo became popular with his 1997mega-hit Titanic. Ever since then, Leo has gained numerous awards and a lot of recognition for his acting abilities. However, the one thing that most people do not know is that Leo is a very active environmentalist and vigorously participates in environment-preserving campaigns. Consequently, he is amongst those celebrities who have acknowledged that they use e cigarettes as their primary smoking devices. In fact, many people have also stated that he has convinced a large number of his friends to go for e-cigs’ consumption too.

Simon Cowell

He is the celebrity that everyone loves to hate. American Idol’s most outspoken judge ever is also an avid chain smoker, something that he readily admits to. There were rumors from the sets that Cowell used to take constant smoking breaks while he shot for American Idol and the X Factor USA. Now it has not been confirmed if Cowell has completely left off tobacco smoking but his love for e cigarettes is fast becoming apparent. The multi-millionaire has been seen smoking the device a number of places including parties, award ceremonies and on reality TV shots and sets as well.

Lindsay Lohan

The teenager star first gained popularity when her film Mean girls became a mega-hit and now holds cult status in the world of Hollywood. Unfortunately, after that success, Lohan has done little to impress her critics. She has done everything that is expected of a typical teenager who has more money than they need – she has smoked drugs, partied like crazy and has even served time in jail. However, there is one thing that, fortunately, Ms. Lohan has gotten right. Apparently, Lohan was amongst the first Hollywood celebrities to completely shift to smoking e cigarettes when she gave up smoking on tobacco cigs.

Katherine Heigl

The popular Grey’s Anatomy star has worked a number of movies in Hollywood and has several other projects in the city still under development. She is a greatly admired and loved woman in America and she has completely shifted to smoking e cigarettes. She has been seen a number of time with her fingers around an e-cig. In fact, she has used to device in a television show too and has never left it since.


Other celebs that have joined the e-cig bandwagon include Robert Pattinson, Miley Cyrus, Zayn Malik, Trace Cyrus, Cheryl Cole and Sienna Miller, amongst others. Celebs like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Paris Hilton have also endorsed the device and frequently smoke from it.

This is one celebrity trend that must be followed at all costs!


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