Why choose E cigarettes?

As people grow more aware of the health risks of smoking cigarette, they are looking for alternatives to help them quit the habit. As those who have been there know, this is easier said than done. The addiction to nicotine is not one that can be easily broken. Enter e cigs, the alternative that is gaining popularity around the world. While many public places do not allow the smoking of traditional cigarettes, e cigs are acceptable, thus allowing one to ‘smoke’.


But why choose e cigs?


Benefits of e cigarettes


Everyone knows the health risks of traditional cigarettes. The tar build up in lungs, the chemicals used to preserve the tobacco as well as keep the cigarette lit. All these harsh additives to tobacco can cause lung cancer, emphysema and a whole host of health problems. Given it is just the nicotine the body wants, all the other parts of the cigarette seem a waste. E cigs contain just the nicotine portion, thus allowing one’s craving to be satisfied while avoiding the damage done by the aforementioned additives. As for the cost of e cigs, once the initial outlay for the unit has been made, the nicotine cartridges could end up being cheaper that traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarette often make one’s clothes and breathe smell quite unpleasant, a side effect that can be avoided altogether the use of an e cigarette.


Variations available


Not only is the damage done by harsh chemicals avoided, e cigs come in a number of variations and the nicotine in a number of flavours. E cigs can look like a real cigarette with an LED light that resembles the glow of the ‘cherry’ on a traditional cigarette or it can take on a more modern look. To add to this, the nicotine does not necessarily have to have the usual tobacco flavour. It can take on a number of different variations from watermelon to caramel. There are even companies that will allow one to customise their own signature flavour. This will allow one to have a one of a kind ‘smoking’ experience.


Where to look


Be sure to shop around. With the e cigarette ‘revolution’ there are a sea of companies to choose from. Each company claims to offer a ‘unique’ benefit for the user along with one of a kind flavour selection. It is easy to get caught up on the hype surrounding e cigs. Conducting one’s own research is imperative to finding the right match. Asking friends and colleagues who use e cigs is also a great option to finding out what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to e cigs.


So why choose e cigarettes? Beyond the health benefits alone, it also helps one avoid having to ‘quit cold turkey’ but rather to help one wean their addiction or to simply have a healthier alternative that is more acceptable in today’s society that shuns traditional cigarette smokers. E cigarettes offer a fantastic alternative for anyone wanting to continue ‘smoking’.



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