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Electronic cigarettes are unique devices which have been introduced in the markets to mitigate the use of tobacco cigarettes but have also become a fashion statement. These devices are similar to traditional cigarettes but with a passage of time, many new designs have been introduced in the market for users to enjoy. Majority of the time, smokers tend to switch to electronic cigarettes purely out of curiosity of how they are used and often due to their attractive designs. Some designs have become very famous and are found with majority of the users of electronic cigarettes. These devices are mainly famous for their non-risky affects on the health of the smoker and have assisted many smokers to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes with the passage of time. Some of the most prominent and must-have designs of electronic cigarettes are mentioned below:


E cigars

Many elderly people are fond of cigars but cannot smoke original cigars since they are not good for their health especially due to their age. With the invention of electronic cigarettes, e cigars were soon brought in the markets for the elderly smokers. These devices are shaped and colored similar to original cigars and have the same smoky effect as well. Elderly smokers along with young smokers who like e cigars enjoy the usage of e cigars since they are highly unique and appear to be exactly the same as original cigars. E cigars are found at the same shops where electronic cigarettes are found and can also be bought online as well. E cigars are long lasting devices and allow people to carry forward their fondness of smoking cigars.


E pipes

Another kind of interesting design available in the form of electronic cigarettes is the electronic pipe. This pipe has been created with the same technology used in an electronic cigarette where users can fill in flavored liquid nicotine as well. They function entirely the same way an electronic cigarette functions like however; have the shape and the color of an original pipe. These devices like e cigars; have been created for smokers fond of smoking pipes instead of tobacco cigarettes. With these devices they can enjoy the luxury of smoking pipes as well as safeguard their health from burnt tobacco present inside traditional pipes. Electronic pipes are available in different colors for users to choose from. Some manufacturers have come up with different and attractive colors for users since electronic pipes are very classy devices to use.


Slim matte finished cigarettes

One of the highly noticeable designs amongst the family of electronic cigarettes is the slim matte finish electronic cigarette which is famous especially amongst young adults who use electronic cigarettes. There are various kinds of slim electronic cigarettes available in the market however, the matte finished ones have their own appeal. The black matte finished electronic cigarette is often out of stock with most manufacturers due to its demand in the market. This particular design is not available with all manufacturers; in fact it is only available with leading electronic cigarette providers.



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