Commonly used E-cigarette Terminology

For the lay man, there is certain terminology that is used in the e cigarette world that might come off as confusing. For that purpose, the following is going to act as a guide that will help one to know what various words used by vapors refer to.

Firstly, there is the 510 connection, which basically refers to the connection that is used to connect the atomizer to the mod or the personal vaporizer. It is found often in all of the e cigarette types. Initially, older models used a different connection, but nowadays, most of the manufacturers are using the 510. This has now become a standard practice in the e cigarette industry that between an atomizer and a battery a 510 connection should be present.  These particular connections are either screwed on or threaded.

Secondly, there are the atomizers which are also commonly known as an atty. They are the devices that have the job of vaporizing the e-juice, turning it into vapor. These are available in quite the variety though they all perform the same function. There is a wick that soaks up the e juice as well as an internal coil which is either wrapped around the wick or is there within it. It vaporizes the liquid, turning it into clouds of vapor. Atomizers are classified into 2 distinct types. One, there is the kind that can be rebuilt and reused and the second is the kind that are disposable. Cartomizers and clearomizers are the disposable ones, while the RDA and RTA belong to the re-buildable atomizer kind.

Thirdly, there is the term cartomizer. These are basically those types of atomizers that are available almost everywhere. They are easy to use and simple to operate. They are essentially metallic cylindrical tubes that have a wick and a coil inside of them. On one end there is the drip tip while on the other end there is the 510 connection. These mostly are pre-filled and come with a variety of juices of all kinds of flavors as well as nicotine levels.

Fourthly, there is the cartotank. This part of an e cigarette is a large cylinder that is sealed from both ends and has a hole that is cut in the middle where one fits their cartomizer. The tanks are used to fill e liquid in and a hole is punched out of the cartomizer so as to allow the wick inside it to saturate when it dries up. A cartotank works best for a cautious person. However, for others, clearomizers are the solution to their problem.

Lastly, there are the clearomizers. These are tank like devices in an e cigarette that have an atomizer inside of them. For a clearomizer, the atomizer is a small device that is screwed within the clearomizer. These exist in two types which are the bottom coil and the top coil. Gravity is at work in the bottom coil type as one vapes the liquid it starts to dissipate, going toeards the atomizer, saturating the wick and thus vaporizing the liquid. On the other hand, the top coil relies heavily on the absorption of the liquid by the wick.


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