Comparison of Traditional and Disposable Cigar

Traditional cigars cannot possibly offer the variety, taste and health benefits that a disposable cigar can offer. The disposable cigar is the perfect alternative to smoking deadly tobacco and is more durable. Although there is a huge controversy that surrounds e smoking, disposable cigars are becoming increasingly popular and acceptable drug since they were first introduced in China, in 2004. Many users have begun to realize its benefits over tobacco.


Traditional cigars come in tobacco flavor only as their main ingredient is tobacco. Disposable cigars are free of tobacco and come in a variety of flavors that are available in its cartridges. The e liquid has tobacco as well as other variety of flavors including cherry, menthol, strawberry, melon, coffee, blueberry, pineapple and more. They can satisfy different taste buds and dietary needs of different consumers while giving them the same feel of a traditional cigar.

Durability and cost:

Traditional cigars only last for a few puffs and have to be replaced very often to acquire the sensation and satisfaction of smoking a cigar while a disposable cigar may for as many as 500 puffs. A regular pack of cigars will have a very heavy cost as while an electronic cigar will be worth from $ 12 to $ 20. This makes the product more affordable as one tobacco cigar may cost less but it will finish within minutes while disposable cigars will last for hours, which makes it a more cost effective alternative. Disposable cigars are also perfect for travelling as one can carry a small pouch of the Disposable cigar rather than carrying many tobacco cigarettes.


There are serious health concerns regarding tobacco cigars. They contain cancer-causing carcinogens and nicotine, which is and addictive chemical and can have deadly long-term effects on the user. Disposable cigars contain different cartridges some of which have very little nicotine and some that do not contain it at all. Therefore, one does not have to become a slave to nicotine fixation to enjoy the smoking experience. Tobacco smoking leads to cancer, tuberculosis, hypertension and respiratory problems sit damages the alveoli in the lungs. The disposable cigar is not only free of cancer causing carcinogens but does not release smoke either. Nicotine is inhaled in the form of water vapor and it leaves the body in the form of vapor when exhaled causing little or no harm to the consumer. Disposable cigar may be used as a harm reduction therapy. American Association of Public Health Physicians stated that e smoking would save the lives of 4 out of 8 million smokers in America who would otherwise die of tobacco related diseases. Moreover, the Boston University of public health conducted a survey on 42 people out of which 22 were e smokers and 20 were smokers of the traditional tobacco , the e smokers experienced less elevated heart beat , more stable blood pressure and healthier lungs than those who had smoked tobacco. The European society of cardiology prefers e smoking as it is safe for the heart and therefore the disposable cigar is a much healthier alternative than traditional tobacco.

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