A complete guide to e cigarettes:

With increasing awareness and research on this product many people have become aware about the safety of its use however many people are still skeptical of whether they can use it as an alternative to cigarette.

What is an e cigarette?

E cigarette is a nicotine inhaler, which runs from a rechargeable battery. This nicotine inhaler contains e liquid in its cartridge, which is inhaled by the user in the form of vapor. The e cigarette has the shape ad design of a regular cigarette but it is very different in its anatomy. The e cigarette is an electrical appliance that works with power of energy stored in its battery unlike tobacco cigarettes that are lit through flame therefore; it does not produce any smoke.

How it work

When a person inhales thecigarette, the atomizer in the device starts to heat up the e liquid and it is converted into harmless vapor and inhaled by the user. As soon as the user inhales the battery starts functioning to provide energy to heat up the liquid.

Anatomy of e cigarette:

There are various components of an e cigarette, which include a long lasting lithium ion battery. Disposable cigarettes come with a non-rechargeable while regular e cigarettes come with a rechargeable battery.Th4e battery is the largest component of the cigarette. Most cigarettes manufactured these days are assisted with an LED light, which indicated whether the cigarette is powered on or powered off. The battery does not need to be changed for a considerable amount of time but when the components need replacement the e vapor produces a burnt taste.

The atomizer is responsible for vaporizing the e liquid and it consists of heating element to heat up the e liquid. The quality of vapor largely depends on the electrical resistance and the voltage provided.

The cartridge is responsible for storing the e liquid is built in the cigarette. The e liquid consists of propyleneglycol, vegetable glycerin, and/or polyethylene glycol. Many flavors are available in the e liquid, which include tobacco, cherry,pineapple, melon, Strawberry, mint, lemon, chocolate etc.

The disposable e cigarette

Disposable e cigarettes do not have detachable components in it. A one built construction device has the cartomizer, battery and other parts in one place. The battery of the disposable e cigarettes is non- rechargeable. The disposable e cigarettesare only usable until its battery dies out and the cartridge lasts, some disposable cigarettes can last up to 500 puffs depending on the quality of the cigarette and the price.


The e cigarette is being legalized all over the world and in some countries like Austria it is sold as a pharmaceutical product and is readily available in pharmacies and sold on prescription. It is legally sold in 28 European countries an can be purchased from an appliance store. The e cigaretteis also sold online and many sites provide the facility of free shipping .E cigarette is a convenient product to purchase that comes in all prices.


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