Most of the electronic cigarettes takes the overall shape that is cylindrical but it is found in some other shapes as well that is box, pipe or styles. Many of them look like a tobacco cigarettes from their making. It`s common components are a liquid delivery and a container system, an atomizer, as well as a power source. Many of these electronic cigarettes are made up of streamlined replaceable parts while disposable devices collects all these components into one single part which is been thrown away when its liquid is depleted.



The atomizer is the major component of every personal vaporizer, along with the battery. Atomizers generally consists of small heating elements which are responsible for vaporizing the liquid and also for wicking material that brings the liquid in. there are many kinds of atomizers which are in use. A resistance wire of small length is wrapped around wicking material which is connected to positive and negative poles of device, when activated; coil quickly heats up turning the liquid into vapor that is inhaled by the user.


Different varieties of atomizers and e-liquid container combinations are thereCAROMIZERS:

The devices that imitate the cigarette form factor, they use cartomizer which is an e-liquid delivery system consists of heating element which is surrounded by liquid-soaked poly-foam which acts as e-liquid holder. It mostly disposes at once when e-liquid gives burnt taste


Clearomiers use a clear tank in which an atomizer is inserted, present inside the electronic cigarette. No poly-foam material is present in them but there are many different wicking systems present inside it that ensures goo moistening of wick without flooding the coil.



It is an atomizer present inside the electronic cigarette which allows the users to to build the wick as well as the coil on their own.


The largest component of electronic cigarette is rechargeable battery which also possesses an electronic airflow sensor when activation is triggered by sucking in through the device. Some of the models also got a power button; an LED for indication may also be present inside.



These are the devices which possesses the built in electronic chip through which user can adjust the power which goes through the heating element. They do usually have an LED screen where various such information are been displayed. Because of Variable PV`s there is no need of replacing the atomizer with another of it of lower or higher electrical resistance to adjust vapour`s intensity. They also regulate volatage and protects battery.



These are devices without barer protection or electronic components as well as electric regulation and they work no matter which way the battery is been placed.


e-juice or e-liquid, these are the names of liquid for producing vapor in electronic cigarettes which is solution of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and polyethylene glycol 400 mixed with the concentrated flavors and sometimes with variable amount of nicotine as well.


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