Consumer Reports of the E Cigarette

The e cigarette is a battery powered cigarette which tends to deliver nicotine in the forms of vapor without any tar, tobacco or other chemicals for that matter. In the present times, more than 45 million people the US are cigarette smokers. This has led of many deaths by dreadful diseases during the recent years and the number only seems to be going up. According to the journal Tobacco Control, alternatives for preventing nicotine such as nicotine patches and gums are quite less effective than the e cigarette. These cigarettes are instead helping smokers all across the world to get rid of smoking tobacco cigarettes and according of many e cigarette users, doing a pretty good job at doing so.
The e cigarette tends to produce no smoke whatsoever. However, the overall experience of smoking these cigarettes is just like smoking tobacco cigarettes because of the way the LED tip lights up and they are supposed to be held like the traditional cigarettes, too. Reports have revealed that 2.5 million people in the US tried the e cigarette in the year 2012 and loved it. The entire kit of these cigarettes consists of a unit, rechargeable lithium batteries and different flavored cartridges for the pleasure of people. The best feature is that each cartridge has almost one pack of cigarettes within.
Fans of the e cigarette happily claim that they are more than glad to come across a healthy alternative for smoking. Studies have shown that it highly helps smokers quit tobacco cigarettes within six months of the first use. Research by experts and professionals have further proved this point as 20% of people were reported to have stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes for the sake of becoming healthy by using these cigarettes. Surveyors interviewed more than 100 e-cig users to confirm their validity and reliability. Each and every one of them proclaimed of having quit cigarette smoking by the help of these glorious devices. These users also shed light of the fact that they had used all the other alternatives of quitting tobacco cigarettes but none of them seemed to do the job well as they fell back to their vigorous smoking habits after a few weeks and at times it could not even be endured for more than a few days. A recent review in the favor of the e cigarette proved that these devices show great promise when it comes to the matter to quitting smoking.
Critics have been rough of these cigarettes as they are unsure about their safety and regulations. Also, the fact that these cigarettes can be bought online which makes it a threat for the younger generation as they can be exposed to smoking at an early age. However, the e cigarette manufacturers and sellers have put age restrictions and they can now only be brought after certain verifications from the buyers. Smokers of the e cigarette also show immense happiness about the fact that these devices come along with a range of various exotic flavors for the purpose of smoking.


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